8 Tips to keep the romance after years of a couple

According to a study, six out of ten couples are unhappy in their relationship. Sometimes it is due to that the flame will simply be extinguished, but there are times when, yes, it is possible to go back to turn it on. If you have years as a couple and believe that they have exhausted the resources, to keep alive the romance, don’t rush to draw conclusions that can be wrong.

In Great.guru teach you 8 steps to follow so that you and your partner keep the romance as the first day.

1. Activities separately

It is common that, over time, and due to the strong bond of love and also, why deny it, the custom, the couples do everything together. But it is not necessary that people who are in couples to do together absolutely everything.

This is often a result not always desired: that people do things they do not want to do just to satisfy your partner.

A good idea is that each one has its own activities. Do you like to plant cactus? What your partner likes video games? Let play while you do the gardening. This will provide topics of conversation and help to maintain personal autonomy and harmony in the couple.

2. Break the routine

The proposal is to improvise. Do different things to the ones that do always, to dare to innovate. Breaking the routine can generate adrenalin and sense of satisfaction.

You already know: there are obligations we have to fulfil, be it work, family or social. But people should not fall into the trap of the routine as the only option. Once those obligations were fulfilled, why not make something that is not accustomed? For example, if they spend their weekends in the city, why not spend a Sunday? Go for a ride on a bicycle would also work, especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle.

The result will be satisfaction and well-being, in addition to the conviction that it is possible to extend the limits of their own.

3. Learn from the other

What then of ten years or twenty couple, we already know all your secrets? Probably not. It’s not about secrets, dangerous: little anecdotes, preferences, former musical tastes. This is a good way to rediscover your partner.

This can be done by a game: each one write down questions, curious and strange for the other to respond. Can be questions almost no sense: “what place in the world never viajarías?”, “What animal exotic you’d have as a pet?” and all they can think of.

In addition to rediscover, the fun is guaranteed.

4. Plan a trip alone

If the children are already big enough to stay home alone, or if you have someone you trust to care for them, a second honeymoon (or third… or fourth…) is always a good idea.

In addition to rekindling the romance with a trip alone, the fact that travel leads to new experiences. What ever happened to just arrive at the airport feeling excited and with a lot of energy?

It is not necessary to plan a trip of weeks… a weekend in a nearby beach or in a hotel-spa relax and re-connect.

5. Discover new common points

For this they should try new things: sign up for a dance class, practice together a sport or going for a walk, read a duet, a book and then chat about it.

Because it may be that, over the years, the interests of each have been changed. It is possible that a person who a long time ago, nor thought of the possibility of dancing, or singing in public, now to decide encouraged to try.

And why not do it with your partner?

6. To express their feelings

But giving your feelings because they are obvious, it is always nice to hear “I love you”. And not only that, also it’s cute that your partner will say things like “that shirt suits you”, “I like your new haircut”. Do not give everything for granted!

Expressing feelings makes it good to the two parties: the sender and the receiver. Why is this happening? For a start, who says what he feels you experience the liberation of no longer having the feeling saved. And the one who listens, seven of pleasure and well-being to feel loved, respected and admired.

7. Hang out with couples friends

If you have friend couples that get along well, a good trick is to go out to dinner or to the cinema with them every so often. Share stories and funny moments.

They can even get in contact with couples friends not seen for a long time. This will bring a dual benefit: to have fun in a group and seeing people dear to you.

The social circle of the couple can be extended, and that’s good: you’ll feel better.

8. Make personal changes

Change the color of their hair or the type of clothing you usually wear may seem silly, but it is still a change and, as such, is a novelty. And in addition to being a novelty for your partner, it will be a novelty for you, and that will increase your self-esteem.

The majority of people is afraid of changes: the force of habit is powerful. But if we don’t change something when we feel that we must do that, there will be something that will keep us uncomfortable, and that will affect inevitably the couple.

Therefore, there is no resisting the need for personal change. Win the own self-esteem and win the couple.

What will you do? How do you keep the romance with your partner?

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