8 ordinary Things that look completely different in the space

The space is becoming more accessible to humanity. Now fly not only rockets and spaceships, but also, for example, the electric vehicle Tesla. Maybe in a few decades we will journey to the orbit. However, we must be prepared for even the most common things that we are used to look very different in space: the water boils in the form of a single large bubble and you have to sleep standing up.

Genail.guru collected 8 amazing things that happen in the space.

1. A flame becomes a ball

In space, the flame will not spread upwards, but that will be round, because, in weightlessness, there is no gas, light or heavy (or gravity) acting on the flame and promote that to lengthen. That is why, in the space, the heat is dispersed evenly towards the sides and forms a ball of hot also shuts down very fast.

2. You can’t boil water

When we boil water at home, we can see how this produces a large amount of small bubbles. In zero gravity there is no convection for the lower layers of the material are heated, become lighter and float. Therefore, water boils only at that particular place where it happens the warming. It is there where it appears a single large bubble.

3. You can only sleep attached

The space stations are equipped with a special cabin inside of which there is a sleeping bag attached to the wall vertically. A person gets in it to secure its position. In front of the bag there is a laptop computer, and in case of insomnia, you can watch a video before sleep. The pillows and the mattresses are not necessary here due to the zero gravity. However, despite the convenience of such conditions, the astronauts often sleep 6 hours a day instead of the 8 to 9 hours standard for the Earth.

4. Should not be drinking soft drinks

On Earth, the liquid descends to the bottom of our stomach and the gases are boosted, which causes belching. In weightlessness there is the so-called “belch wet”, when not only the air out of the body, but also the liquid. It is for this reason that the cosmonauts do not take soft drinks.

5. Vision deteriorates

When you return home from space travel, astronauts often complain of vision problems and the development of myopia or hyperopia. This is due to the fact that, in weightlessness, the fluid in the body tends to go upward and accumulate, tap the retina and the back of the eye, deforming its natural shape. Similar changes are seen in most of the cosmonauts and, unfortunately, are often irreversible.

6. You sweat constantly

In zero gravity, the natural process of transfer of heat is interrupted (once again, due to the lack of convection), and the body sweats constantly to try to cool down. In addition, in zero gravity, the sweat can’t get out of the skin and evaporate, it simply accumulates on the surface of the body. Therefore, during a physical effort, the astronauts must wipe your face with an absorbent towel special with more frequency.

7. Don’t know when you want to go to the bathroom

Due to the fact that there is no gravity in space, astronauts do not feel pressure to fill your bladder. Therefore, they need to go to the bathroom every 2 hours. When astronauts go into outer space and wearing space suits, they must wear diapers.

8. More spices and anything of perfumes

In the space there are changes in tastes of a person. The taste of the food becomes less pronounced, and it seems that the food has no salt, pepper or totally has no taste. Therefore, in the food for the astronauts is always added to hot sauces and more condiments. In terms of odors, their perception, on the contrary, increases: even a fresh fragrance may seem too sweet and cause headaches. So there are no perfumes in the spaceship!

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