8 Things you should avoid to use to board a plane

If you’re choosing a garb for a short flight or long distance, it is important that you feel comfortable and at the same time keep you out of trouble.

In Great.guru we collect some tips from flight attendants and frequent travelers about things that should not be taken never in a plane. Read to the end to find a bonus and find out what clothes may interrupt your journey just right in the door of the plane.

8. Perfume.

During the flight, you will be in a small area but packed. Avoid strong perfumes for the sake of the other passengers. A number of predominantly people find irritating the scented products of others. In addition, it could be people with asthma and allergies on the flight.

7. Clothes that are too tight.

Avoid wearing tight clothing, especially when your flight lasts more than 4 hours. People in a long-distance flight are at risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis). DVT is a blood clot that forms in a deep vein of the body, usually in the legs. To avoid this, wear socks of special compression, loose and comfortable clothing and walk whenever you can.

6. Apparel complicated.

The bathrooms on the plane are tiny. If you wear a costume of one piece, you will have difficulties to peel it off. Instead, use something that is not likely to cause difficulties in this small space. Clothing with many buttons and zippers, won’t make your flight experience more comfortable.

5. Clothing or jewelry that contain metal.

It is no surprise that shoes with large metallic ornaments or jewelry with metal may delay your passage through the security checkpoint. What is unexpected is that some sweaters bright may have metallic threads woven into them. While you can take off easily the shoes if it is necessary, to eliminate this type of elements of a sweater can be more complicated.

4. Summer clothes.

Even when you are flying towards a warm place and you feel the temptation to choose a summer outfits for your flight, don’t forget that the temperature in the plane can be surprisingly cold. Having multiple garments of clothing is essential for a comfortable trip.

3. Contact lenses.

In a plane, the humidity average can reach up to 20 percent, which will cause your lenses to dry out and cause you irritation in the eyes. If you have a long flight, we recommend you to take off the lenses, especially if you’re going to sleep.

2. High heels.

The airport security will ask you to remove your shoes. The heels not only can be provided to store prohibited items, but also have a base of all-metal construction, which definitely will trigger the alarm. No one likes to walk barefoot on the floor of the airport. In addition, your feet may swell during flight, so that you should prevent the shoes too tight.

1. T-shirts with offensive messages.

You won’t believe this, but there are people who were banned from boarding a plane because of the way that they dressed. The reasons can be many: too much cleavage, a dress too short, sagging pants, t-shirts with offensive messages, bare feet, or even leggings. While some of these decisions are questionable, it is best to be reasonable when choosing your outfit.


Even if you’re a star and you follow the rules, you can still be detained by security and completely revised. This is exactly what happened to Kim Kardashian in Los Angeles.

Oh traveling is an exciting experience! Share with us your personal preference of outfit for your flight and any airport experience related to the wrong choice of clothing.

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