8 Fun Vignettes of black humor that show the reality of the world that no one wants to admit

Joan Cornellà is an illustrator and cartoonist Spanish, whose bullets, which are characterized by a mixture of silly humor and black humor, have been censored in many cases by social networks.

Joan Cornellá, the illustrator represents the most frivolous and hypocritical society

However, it is in them where he has found the greater part of followers, with 4.6 million fans on Facebook, 1.6 million followers on Instagram and 300,000 Twitter followers.

And it is not surprising, because in each one of his drawings express the feelings darkest of the human being, awakening who looks on, a feeling of not knowing whether to laugh or cry. His illustrations show the life itself.

In his public biography it is said that Joan Cornellà studied Fine Arts, however he himself denies it. Ensures not have even graduated and have spent the greater part of his life spending the family inheritance, although now try to be a productive to society.

However, at 32 years old, already has two books published, and collaborates with the magazine ‘Thursday’ and in other publications.

In his illustrations, the artist Spanish dares to exceed the ‘limits’, showing the men who penetrate anally to themselves, police officers crying at the shoot of a condemned to death, or women that they are wrong and throw a newborn in the cardboard container.

Happy mother’s day!

A post shared by Joan Cornellà (@sirjoancornella) on May 8, 2016 at 6:25am PDT

As we can see, in their graphical expressions, there is a constant presence of death, of the absurd and of fear, but in a way that makes us smile. However, after the laughter, he manages to make us understand that there is something in us, in our head that is not working as it should. They are illustrations of intelligent, thought-out and designed with a clear objective.

The mixture of a representation of children, full of colors; with the sarcasm, the violence, and cartoons smart, are probably the key to its success. In the past few months he has exhibited his works in London and Los Angeles.

The international press has echoed their works, by his originality and by not leave anyone indifferent. What has seemed to it to its peculiar work?

Cover image: Joan Cornellà
Source: xataka / theclinic / inkultmagazine / wikipedia

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