8 common Mistakes in the kitchen that make life more difficult

Do you also, before you chop the garlic, you take away the shell? What you control carefully the automatic preparation of a dish in the cooker programmable? Almost all make the same mistakes when we enter the world of the kitchen. And nothing would happen if it were not because, due to this, it not only spoils the taste of our great recipes, but also, in general, we are, we complicate life.

That’s why, Great.guru has prepared for you a list of common objects in a kitchen that most of us “understand” the wrong way.

1. To load incorrectly the dishes in the dishwasher

When you put the dishes in the dishwasher, simply, we put one-to-one, but because of this, the dishes often are not perfectly clean. The scientists decided to analyze the issue and created a schema that defines the ideal layout of the dishes in this machine.

  • It is worth placing the dishes in a circle, because this is how the water flows.
  • In the center, it is best to place the dishes of food with carbohydrates (for example, pasta or rice).
  • By the side, it is recommended to place dishes that contained proteins (for example, meat).

By following these tips, your washing will be done in the most efficient way possible and you will not have to re-clean the dishes a second time.

2. Heating food in the microwave oven the wrong way

Many people notice that, in the microwave oven, are heated more than anything else to the containers and the portion of the food located at the edges. At the same time, in the center, the food remains cold, even if the same dish is already “burning”.

Therefore, it is best to place food in the form of a donut, leaving the center free. In this way, the food will heat more evenly.

3. Use it the wrong way a knife with a tip that is forked

This type of knife can be found in many kitchens, but few know its true purpose. Initially, this knife is created to cut cheese. At the same time, its tip forked should serve to separate the thin slices.

You can also use it to cut fruits and vegetables with meat tender and elastic skin, for example, tomatoes and ripe plums.

4. Not to beat properly the cream

Experienced cooks warn that, if not prepare the blender correctly, the cream of egg whites may not come out as desired. Fortunately, preparing the device is not complicated.

It is sufficient to cool it in the freezer for the sticks and the bowl in which you whisk the whites. So the cream will come out more soft and voluminous.

5. Do not adjust the toaster

Many of us set the parameters of the toaster only once, before your first use. This approach is suitable if you always use only one type of bread of the same thickness.

But if tuestas slices different, you must change the settings before each use, because the quality of the toast depends on the type of bread, the thickness of the slice and the mode of preparation selected.

6. Controlling the automatic cooking of food

Trusting the preparation of dishes to pots programmable, bakeries, steamers and other machines, “smart”, often, we cannot relax and we need to check at any time how you are going to cook our dish. This is how it spoils the end result.

After all, every opening of the cover causes a decrease in the temperature temperature accurately calculated and set by the machine for this mode of cooking that does not provide openings regular your part.

7. Do not use all the functions of a spoon to spaghetti

A spoon of spaghetti to help collect the fine paste and the hole allows to drain water quickly. But this hole has a function.

Helps measure an average proportion of pasta before submerging it in a pan. Very comfortable, isn’t it?

8. To complicate life by pressing the garlic

Most of us, for some reason, still peel the garlic cloves before you put them through the press. Although the shells will not fall on the plate, even if they are not removed.

We hope that our tips will be useful. Tell us in the comments, how many of the errors described, you’ve made ever? Do you think fix it?

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Illustrator Daniil Shubin for Great.guru

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