8 Factors that influence the changes of your character

There are 2 opposing views: “people don’t change” and “All change”. Good news! We can change and it is now a fact scientifically confirmed.

Great.guru proposes you know the main reasons for the change of our character.

Romantic relationships

In the initial stage of the relationships we try to match the images of other people about a perfect couple. We changed under a beneficial or destructive influence on the couple. When we parted, the stress make corrections in our behavior. Therefore, the quality and the duration of the relationships may not influence the change of our character.

Move or change the circle of communication

The constructive communication with other people form new habits and promotes human development. Before cursed, now he stopped doing it. Before I took the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, now it only does it on Fridays. All her new friends go to the gym and he also began to go.

The change of environment probably influences the majority of individuals and can have an opposite effect and cause degradation. Only a few people manage to stay faithful to their good habits and stay separate.

The correction aware of the nature

New studies cofirman that it is possible and it is necessary to make corrections in yourself. This can be done with the help of a psychologist or of yourself using a model to imitate or a rigid self-control. You will notice results within 16 weeks. Good news for those who regularly feel some damage caused by his own character.

Change of the conditions or place of work

The additional responsibility increases the sense of self-esteem, especially when it supports financially or with status. The communication with new people, form new relationships and gives you new information. All this makes that the level of human development increases.

If the individual is stable and strong, the worst conditions will cause boredom and regret and the person will try to escape from this environment. If the individual is weak, the person assimilates and absorbs new states of mind. At best, in a short time, friends outside of work will tell you that it has gotten worse.

Change of financial situation

With the increase of your financial status can change the level of your life, because now you have money for sports, you start to eat better, you can visit various events, meet with your friends outside of the house and means that you can make new friends and develop yourself. You can change your place of dwelling, to study, and this will make you move up to another stage of life.

If you compare this person with someone from your “past life” with someone who was at the same stage, you’ll see two different people. Before them complained about everything around her, looking for excuses to say that life is unfair and now it may not have anything to talk about.

The need to save or to spend too much influences in the social communications, on the attitude of the people towards you, respect to you and the health. It would be a mistake to follow considering that the financial situation may not influence the character in any way.

Climate and ecology

Probably one of the reasons most unexpected in the change of character of a person. We’ll give you an example: the move of city, the lack of sunlight and vitamin D, can surely lead to depression or a depressive state. The lack of fresh vegetables and fruits will influence negativamenteen the process of your body and this will be reflected in your character.

Appearance of a pet

The need to care for an animal that trusts you makes you more responsible, will teach you how to treat the needs of others with the proper understanding. Even when you take it for a spin regularly to your pet influyes in a pleasing manner in your mood.

When a baby is born, the majority observed a miracle. The responsibility increases with the level of consciousness, gives more strength and motivation.


With age is more noticeable the change of character. After 40 years don’t give you so eager to make new friends and spend time outside of the family. At the same time you become a person more understanding, because the experience gained in your childhood is complemented by the experience of communication with children of our own.

How are you going with the change of your character? How something has affected you so much that you noticed these changes?

Иллюстратор Ekaterina Gandrabura for Great.guru

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