8 Famous abduction Stories, aliens that occurred in real life

Within the world of ufology, alien abductions are the most controversial and popular that exist. Not only because of the amazing stories that began to emerge during the second half of the TWENTIETH century, but also because of the fact it has captivated all fans of science fiction from a long time ago.

Below we will review some of the documented cases most famous and frightening up to the moment:

1 – The abduction of Antônio Vilas Boas

8 Famosas Historias de abducciones alienígenas que ocurrieron en la vida real

In October of 1957, a farmer, a brazilian named Antônio Vilas Boas saw a red star in the sky. The strange reddish light was getting close until he could distinguish a spaceship that landed in his field. Although Antônio tried to flee on his tractor, was captured by a small humanoid blue eyes.

The farmer said that he took on board of the ship and covered with a substance similar to a gel. Then he was forced to have sex with a creature to create something like a hybrid that would be raised by the aliens.

Finally the farmer was returned to Earth four hours plus tard. e. I had burns on her body, nausea and headaches. A doctor even came to be diagnosed with radiation sickness.

2 – The case of Barney and Betty Hill

8 Famosas Historias de abducciones alienígenas que ocurrieron en la vida real

During the way back home, Barney and Betty Hill saw it as a kind of ship light approaching from the sky so as to be placed on your car. Barney got out and saw to 11 humanoid figures dressed in black uniforms and shiny coats that were watching him carefully.

Completely terrified, the couple jumped into the car and continued your trip in a hurry. Both claim to have experienced a sensation of ringing during their escape and ensure that the path to their home, which normally takes 4 hours to complete, that day it took them seven.

Since that day, both Barney as Betty began to have dreams in the form of memories in which they saw a figure unrecognizable, taking samples of skin and injertándoles needles through the navel.

3 – The kidnapping of Gundiah Mackay

8 Famosas Historias de abducciones alienígenas que ocurrieron en la vida real

In October of 2001, Amy Rylance, who was then 22 years old, her husband Keith and her friend Petra were in the house of Rylance in Gundiah, Australia. Apparently, Petra woke up in the middle of the night because of a noise, and when he came into the living room, he found Amy being levitated by a beam of light that passed through the window from a spaceship.

Petra ran to wake up to Keith, but when they entered the room, Amy was already gone. The curtain was broken and the bushes outside were burned. The couple called the police without much result.

About 90 minutes later, Keith received a phone call from a woman from Mackay, Queensland (eight hours of Gundiah travel). The woman called stating that he was with Amy and that was in a hospital, dazed and dehydrated. No one could explain how he had walked such a distance in so little time.

The young man showed no signs of injury whatsoever, except a few red marks on the thighs and the heels. He said he remembered to be lying on a bed with figures slender tilted on it that they tried to reassure as they were taking samples of his body. When he was found, his hair had grown considerably, suggesting that he had been away much more time.

4 – The UFO incident Travis Walton

8 Famosas Historias de abducciones alienígenas que ocurrieron en la vida real

In November of 1975, six forest workers in Arizona reported having seen their colleague, Travis Walton levitate by a light beam up to a UFO that was on the trees.

The workers reported the disappearance of Walton only to gain the trust of the police, that he believed that Walton had been murdered and hidden his corpse by the team of forest workers.

Five days after the incident, Walton reappeared, claiming that he had been abducted by aliens. He remembered having woken up on a table, surrounded by small figures dressed in orange. The figures had smooth skin, and a few heads without hair, too large for their bodies. In addition they also had a few brown eyes huge and bright.

Apparently, Walton was able to escape from the aliens, but then was captured by a human dressed in blue uniforms , which made him lose consciousness with a gas. Walton ensures that the next thing he remembers was waking up shaky and confused on a highway in Arizona.

5 – The abduction of Jesse Long

8 Famosas Historias de abducciones alienígenas que ocurrieron en la vida real

Jesse Long was only 5 years old when he was abducted for the first time. Apparently, it all happened while I was exploring the forest with his brother. Suddenly they found themselves with a structure round in a clearing in the forest appeared a figure high.

Jesse recalls having been taken to the ship and placed on a metal table. I could feel as the figures around manoseaban their legs. He also claimed that he was abducted several times more during the following years, in which they have experienced with him, and even we have extracted sperm from crossing it with an alien.

Finally, Jesse says that in 1990 the aliens showed a baby that was supposedly his son. In its 65 years, Jesse says that he knows that many people do not believe his story, but he insists that he is telling the truth.

6 – The case of Hilary Porter

8 Famosas Historias de abducciones alienígenas que ocurrieron en la vida real

Hilary Porter claims to have been abducted by aliens countless times throughout his life. The first time it happened was 6 years old, when an alien with reptilian appearance made appearance in her garden while she played. It measured something less than a meter and a half and had a complexion exceptionally strong. Then he grabbed Hilary and took her to the ship.

Porter was stripped and placed on a bed before being pricked by different instruments. After each abduction Porter suffered painful migraines, and sometimes would wake up with bruises, scratches and even blood stains on his clothes.

7 – The attempted abduction of Colonel H. G. Shaw

8 Famosas Historias de abducciones alienígenas que ocurrieron en la vida real

Known in 1896, we are one of the first reports of alien abductions aliens collected to date. It all happened during the trip to the horse that was Colonel H. G. Shaw with a partner to Lodi, California.

Suddenly, their horses were startled to see three strange beings to the side of the road. The creatures were slender, and look humanoid, 2 meters high and covered with a kind of velvet.

Had a few lamps that shone in unnatural ways and they seemed to be formed by some kind of shiny mineral. Shaw said that the creatures possessed “a beauty strange and indescribable”.

The aliens tried to take the colonel, but this was too heavy for them. Finally pulled away, floating to the ground. Shaw followed them until they reached a huge spaceship in the form of a cylinder. The creatures flew up to her and were out of sight.

8 – The kidnapping of Khoury

8 Famosas Historias de abducciones alienígenas que ocurrieron en la vida real

One night in February 1988, Peter Khoury, was asleep in bed when she felt something seized him by the ankles. Then he felt that he would take some needles to be paralyzed.

Then discovered three beings around her bed. Khoury said that he was able to be aware of that the creatures communicated through telepathy. Then he inserted a needle in the head and fainted.

The second encounter alien Khoury was even more disturbing. During the same, several female sexually abused him. After the encounter, Khoury found a long blonde hair tied around his penis. Apparently, a subsequent DNA analysis found that the hair was biologically different from human hair.

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