8 Ways to get money using the beggars professional

In 2005, the Organization of the United Nations (UN) conducted the last comprehensive study on the amount of homeless people in the world. At that time it was determined that around 100 million people do not have a roof. Around 1.6 thousand millions more live in terrible conditions. All of these people need help and support and there are many charitable foundations that are provided.

But sometimes it happens that unscrupulous people try to take advantage of this situation to benefit from the misfortune of others.

In Great.guru decided to tell you about the main types of beggars professionals who can be found daily in the street, in the subway and other means of public transport. At the end you will receive a small instruction on how to differentiate a charitable foundation that actually helps the people of an organization fraudulent.

1. Veterans of war

This group of beggars may be divided into two types: people who pretend to be veterans with injuries and people who interpret songs in a military uniform. The first attempt to give pity with the injuries allegedly received in defending the country, while the latter play with the feeling of patriotism.

In most cases, both the others have nothing to do with the military, and denigrate this profession.

2. Disabled

These people many times use a wheelchair, are simply deliberately or pretend to be blind or dumb, striving to show their suffering. But can be walk well and even run fast, to see and speak perfectly.

In these cases, it is very difficult to verify the honesty of the person. But this class of beggars have been caught lying more than once. So be careful and think several times before giving them your money.

3. The assaulted

These people can be found in the subway or in train stations. Many times you carry a purse or a bag that should convince you that they were really traveling, but were assaulted and now together money for a ticket.

The beggars of this type often use posters to not confuse them with the common people. In this case it is quite difficult to verify the honesty of the character. Even if you will purchase a ticket, where is the guarantee that the beggar does not return in 10 minutes to claim your money?

It only remains to buy the ticket, go up to the person on the train and say good-bye with the hand. It is the only way to be sure you have helped someone who really had gotten into trouble.

4. Young mothers

This kind of sharp, professional attention more than others, since it is a pregnant woman or a woman with a child. She cries and asks for help. How do you say no?

In practice, however, the stomach bulging turns out to be false and the beggar “what’s brewing” from three years ago. Or the child involved is of toy. And this, in the best of cases, because these women can also use children real. If so, don’t hesitate and contact the police, because the child may have been abducted.

5. Beggars with animals

May collect money for a shelter or ask for the meal of your pet, which is usually at the side of the beggar. But if one stops to think, a person who really loves animals and tries to help them, they hardly sit still, tied to your dog in a day cream.

Those who do not ask for money for a shelter, but “the food” of the animal, many times they take drugs to animals with sleeping pills to keep them calm. After all, no puppy or cat healthy could be all the day without moving in a box.

Do not forget that this kind of scammers can be reported for animal abuse. So that you don’t spend long, pay attention to these people. But not to give money, but to alert the police.

6. For the treatment of sick children

These beggars, like so many others, give a lot of pity. Any father would do everything possible to cure his son. But these people are often scammers. Can be made to pass not only by parents of sick children, but also by volunteers from a charitable foundation.
Before you give them money, check their documents and make sure that the sick child really exists. What is more likely is that, if the situation really is serious and the fund or the parents are true, you will find a lot of information from reliable sources and you’ll be able to transfer money to a special account. There is No need to give it to them in the street to the first unknown compelling enough.

7. Musicians / teachers / artisans

These people can also be found in all parties. But, strictly speaking, there are beggars in their pure form. After all, in exchange for money you offer your services or products: handicrafts, a class of chess or a melody that is pleasant. You can simply pass over, or give them some money.

8. Jokers

The jokers are people who invent reasons for fun to ask for money. You may not even need it. Many times the main goal of these people is to entertain the public and have a moment of glory. The money, in this case, is just a bonus nice.
Up to you to decide if you want to help them or not.

Bonus: how to distinguish a charitable foundation of a fraudulent

Often, the scammers posing as volunteers of charitable funds, which undermines the credibility of the latter. Here are some points that will help you discover the cheats:

  • the fund’s name rarely appears or it never appears in the media, does not cooperate with anyone;
  • the fund does not publish reports, and keeps all the documents in secret;
  • the fund does not have bank information officer;
  • the minimum donation is too high;
  • it asks you to send a SMS or to confirm an account so you can review the medical history of a person.

Of course, the differences are not limited to these, but they are some of the signs that you definitely have to pay attention to.

Tell us in the comments: have you ever crossed paths with panhandlers professionals?

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