8 Ways to great to make your home safe from thieves

Unfortunately, today, even in your own home you may not be completely secure and free from intrusion. But if you take care of your belongings by adding a few innovations, these can help you to save your valuables in case of theft.

Great.guru wants to share with you 8 secret places that shall deceive even the thief more cunning.

8. A book hollow

Thanks to movies and television programs, all the world knows this trick. Although it may seem obvious, it might work if you have many shelves full of books! You can buy a book, hole in line or make one yourself with a box knife.

7. A false rock

Safes that look like a rock can help you save a spare key. Like the previous tip, you can make it yourself by gluing a plastic bottle to a rock regular. Entiérrala in your garden where only you can find the rock.

6. A wall clock safe

Another unusual place that you can use to hide small objects of value is just within your wall clock. You can use an ordinary watch if there is enough space inside, you just put your stuff under the rear panel. If there is not a lot of space, you can add a back panel extra made of cardboard. Use your imagination and all your valuables will be safe!

5. A vent safe air

Certainly you have seen this trick in movies modern detectives. Thanks to the film, it has become so popular that some companies have begun to manufacture vaults ventilation false to sell.

4. A thermometer outdoor

3. A wall outlet safe

A power outlet hidden, and insurance could help you protect your valuables, even if a thief manages to get into your house. A thief definitely won’t have time to check every outlet in your home, especially if they are placed behind a closet is old and dusty or behind a sofa huge and heavy.

2. A hiding place in the upper part of the door

Have you ever thought of hiding your valuables in the doorway? It not us! For this you need to, you need to make a hole in the top edge of the wooden door, then you place a metal container with your belongings in the hole. You can take your things later with a regular magnet.

1. A container of fake Pringles

You can buy a can with a secret hiding place at the bottom by the internet, or create yourself a container of fake Pringles.

To make a hiding place, take a can common of Pringles, and remove the bottom with a can opener. Then make a false bottom with a piece of round cardboard, taping it inside the box. After taking a jar of preserves with aluminium cap, put your valuables inside and place the jar in the bottom of the can of Pringles. You can remove it with a strong magnet.

Bonus: a hiding place in a deodorant bar

This is one of the tricks of the most affordable and unusual to hide small things such as jewelry or money. To create this artifact, all you have to do is remove the deodorizer solid bar and cut in half. Then place your belongings inside of the bar and place half of the deodorant again.

Now you can carry your little hideaway where you go and make sure your valuables are protected!

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