8 Evidence that when people join together they can do real miracles

Once in a while, all of us go down the arms and all any time we feel helpless in the face of the problems that we have fallen over. But then our family members, friends, acquaintances, and sometimes strangers big hearts come in our help.

Great.guru has compiled compelling stories and after reading them you will not be able not to believe that together we are able to do true miracles.

This teenager suffered from abuse at school and now he is the friend of himself, Captain America

At the beginning of December, a Tennessee resident Kimberly Jones posted on Facebook a video with their son Keaton. The teen told her about the abuse that I suffered at your school: what they call ugly, and mocked that I didn’t have friends, he threw milk over and thrown food. Keaton asked crying, “why persecute me? What is the point? What is the grace of thinking how to make you feel bad for a person that you never did anything wrong?”
The video became viral instantly: it was seen 22 million times. The teenager received the support of ordinary people and celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber and Mark Ruffalo. And Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, he invited Keaton to Los Angeles next year for the premiere of the new “Avengers”. The famous american football player Jarrett Guarentano met with Keaton, and he called it “the younger brother he never had”.

A man with Down syndrome was lost in a fire, your collection of movies, which he valued much, and the people helped to restore it

Mark Orsillo, 34 years old, lives with his parents in Oroville, California. Has Down syndrome, and one of the things most prized in the world for him was his collection of 300 movies of the ’90s. When the house of Mark, as dozens of others in the neighborhood, was burned completely in a powerful fire, the collection of films were burned with it.

With tears in his eyes, Mark told him about this to his sister Danielle Divine and she wrote on Facebook with a request for people to donate DVD’s with movies for his brother. Users not only restored the full collection lost, but also collected 10 thousand USD to help the family of Mark to rebuild his house.

A young man asked the users to find a toy truck that was out of production, because his disabled brother only wanted to receive this at Christmas. I and the users found it!

Designer american Katherine Gratchel has a brother, Max, 25 years of age but whose mind is of a child of 5. He likes to play with a single toy, a blue truck, Tonka, and Katherine all the years you purchase one as a gift for Christmas. But a long time ago that the toy is retired from production, and finding it is increasingly more difficult. His brother played with the truck for hours and break quickly. Max is very attentive and is distinguished right away an imitation.

The young man asked Internet users to help her find the truck. Thousands of people saw the message of Katherine and began to search for a Hummer blue in your home and on the Internet, and also wrote to the company Tonka, who promised to look in all their stores in the U.S. and in China, and send all the trucks you can find, along with a huge package of other gifts for the family of Katherine Gratchel.

The users of the network were collected 350 thousand USD for an elderly ice-cream man poor

Once, the resident of Chicago Joel Cervantes Macias saw in the street an old man who was selling ice cream with a cart. All ignored and Joel felt sorry for him. I bought 20 ice cream and then started a crowdfunding campaign to collect 3.000 $ and organize a holiday for the ice-cream man.

The people were so moved with this story that in only 4 days were collected 350 thousand USD. Joel sought out the ice-cream man. It turned out that the wife of Fidencio Sanchez was sick, and after the death of his daughter, he had been in charge of their young grandchildren. Fidencio plans to spend the raised money to support his family and to distribute part of it among other needy people.

None of the 30 guests came to the birthday of a child of 9 years. And then his grandmother called for help on the Internet

The second-grader Gerald Hamilton invited 30 people to his birthday, and 12 of them promised to go. But at the appointed time, the child was sitting alone at the table. His mother called the parents of the children invited, but the response was: “my son can’t be a friend of yours because he is ’different’”. The fact is that Gerald has had several operations in the brain and, in comparison to their classmates, is slightly delayed in development. But it is a child friendly and understanding person who dreams of having friends.

A man was about to jump off the roof, but the passers-by gathered below were able to dissuade him

In Springfield, the united States, a man decided to commit suicide and climbed to the roof of a house. There was a strong wind, and he neared the edge of the roof, which swayed dangerously. For 15 hours the police tried to persuade him to come down, but he refused to speak with them.
Helped the passers-by who were passing: several tens of people came down with signs that said “you are important”, “everything will improve”, “you are not alone” and “does not give us the same”. They also sang the song of Bill Withers “Lean on Me”. After 6 hours, the man descended the staircase, he was approached by firefighters and was taken to the hospital.

Users bought a prosthesis for a dog that had fallen into a trap of bears

The dog Forest was wandering in the forest and fell into a bear-trap. The more I tried to escape, the more closed the steel hinges. Forest went into the trap two long weeks. To survive, tore the bark of the nearest tree and licked the snow. When they found the dog, already was dying.

Their legs front and rear right wing had been severely damaged and had to be amputated. The story was made known on the website and users of poles raised money for an operation prosthetic. Now Forest they scurry about with their unusual legs artificial.

A young man who was deaf and asked for help to people from different countries to propose marriage to his girlfriend

The Ukrainian Anna Davidenko traveled to Bangkok and shared on Facebook an unusual story: “Today I was approached by a young man who wrote on his mobile phone: ’Hello, I’m deaf, I have a question for you. Where are you from?’. I replied that I am from Kiev, Ukraine. He wrote that he could not speak or hear, but your girlfriend yes, and that he was going to propose marriage. I wanted her to hear what he had to say”.

“Met 6 people from different countries and when the young man came, we, one by one, say four lines in different languages. The said and cried, because it was impossible to pass through that without getting emotional. In such moments you understand that there are no limits. None. All limits are in your head. It was a real miracle of christmas”.

Bonus: a young woman promised to go every day to the university in a ridiculous costume of Christmas tree if your posting got to 1,000 retweets. The posting was retuiteado 35 thousand times, and she fulfilled her promise

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