8 Breeds missing dogs that have not been preserved even in pictures

We all know how to work the seleccionistas when they create new breeds of dogs. The traits of character and appearance that are beneficial to the people will strengthen in the later generations with the help of crossing animals, selected according to certain criteria. Here everything is clear. But with the passage of time some features become unnecessary, outmoded or even dangerous, and the race disappears.

Great.guru invites you to take a look at the list of breeds of dogs that do not already exist.

1. The dog of water Spanish (English Water Spaniel)

The last representatives of this breed of hunting we saw at the beginning of the TWENTIETH century. It was very popular among lovers of hunting waterfowl. There is an opinion that the appearance of the water dog English inspired a seleccionista to create the breed of water dog irish.

2. Bull and terrier

This group of fighting dogs arose as a result of the popular choice. Lovers of dog fighting do not consider the physical aspect as one of the most important features, that is why the bull and terrier was very difficult to call them beautiful. In addition there were certain characteristics of appearance, all were a mixture of the old English bulldog and various breeds of terriers.

3. The dog spit (turnspit dog)

This dog chef was destined to run within the wheel to rotate and thus drive the spit in the kitchen, so he had to be tough, but at the same time compact, the wheels had certain sizes. In the mid-NINETEENTH century the wheel of cuisine lost its relevance and the breed gradually disappeared.

4. The dogo cubano, also known as the mastiff-the cuban

The dog cuban appeared as a result of crossing the bulldog with the old English and mastiff old Spanish. These dogs were meant to chase the runaway slaves. After the abolition of slavery, there was no need to raise the mastiff-the cuban and to the beginning of the XX century, the breed disappeared.

5. Kurī

It was a dog for sacrifice, food, hunting and company. The kurī occupied an important place in the life of the maori, as they were in the canoes along with the immigrants from Polynesia to New Zealand. But the european settlers brought with them a huge amount of different dogs, and because of the cross with other breeds, the kurī pure disappeared in the late EIGHTEENTH century.

6. Hare dog indian (Hare Indian dog)

This descendant of the race of coyotes and hunting dogs not were barking had good features for hunting and protecting the house. But in the NINETEENTH century, when the role of hunting in the territory occupied by the tribes sahtú was decreasing, this race desapereció due to the mixing with other european races.

7. Techichi

It was a dog dwarf who knew how to climb trees. Is an ancestor of the breed chihuahua, famous in the FIFTEENTH century.C. According to some opinions, the techichi were domesticated by the indigenous maya. The important role of these dogs you can see in the graves, where were found the remains of the techichi at the side of the owner mummified: the dog had to help the owner to find the way in the next world.

8. Tesem

Tesem is a hunting dog that can now be seen only in frescoes and engravings of ancient Egypt. Assume that this breed is related to the basenji. They had long legs, the ears sharp, and a tail tightly twisted. Outwardly these dogs resemble the greyhound modern.

The disappearance and appearance of new species happens constantly. The seleccionistas can even retrieve breeds missing dogs. Thus, they were returned to life the following breeds of dogs: English bulldog old lancashire heeler, and lundehund.

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