8 Rules clever that callan employees of the gyms

Gyms are not just places where people create a divine body, but also a true business, which is also, of course, has its tricks of marketing.

It is for this reason that Great.guru, on the eve of your promises of a New Year to begin to have a new style of life, together with the journalist of the publishing house “The World” Marta García Aller, we decided to tell you about the tricks of the gyms and the ways of avoiding it.

The attraction starts in the lobby

Surely not the notes, but the reception of the gimansio not like the place where the customers have to sweat. Often there are no armchairs are soft, paintings peaceful, even in some place can have a fireplace or an aquarium of large size. All of this is intended to ensure that the buyer is as relaxed as possible, making it a dream and giving him the subscription more expensive in a welcoming environment.

Super offer annual card club

The next trick brilliant gimasios is the inflated price of a monthly subscription. In the background, the high price of a month of lessons makes you seem like a one-year subscription is a gift from God.

In fact, the majority of those who go to the gym are not paid for their “gift of heaven”, unlike those who bought their subscription face but in the short term. In this case, the client realizes that the risk of wasting money is very large. Therefore, their level of motivation is higher and in consequence he rejects their expenses.

The less customers, the better

You have already been in a welcoming lobby, you have bought the subscription for a year, you’ve decided to lead a healthy lifestyle, you have sweated several times in the gym… and with success you forget the hope that the match is to wake up later (the subscription is annual, there is still so much time!). Congratulations, because you’ve become an exemplary customer of the gym. Thanks to these clients, some gyms scammers get 10 times more people that can attend.


Group classes, 2 pools, Turkish bath, jacuzzi, spa area, tennis courts, several meeting rooms for training, a paradise, all this included in your club membership. Well the “all inclusive” does not include the instructor. Well, actually there is, but only performs a test session, as well as the doctor and the welcome meeting.

And then the fun begins, all for extra money. Remember that no more queries, it is unlikely that you will become a muscular man. That is to say, by paying the annual subscription you only have the right to be in the premises.

The program with a limited access

For example, only weekends, mornings or days. This subscription is between 20 and 30 per cent cheaper, therefore, attracts many enthusiasts who promise to get up early and go to the gym before work. Life looks like this:

The muscular that the whole world gives you advice

In some clubs, there is a scheme very clever: nothing, the room goes into a super muscular who likes to share all the experience of his life: the pills helped her get the body of Apollo. In addition, now, by a strange coincidence, the pills are in your bag and can be purchased for a sum of money. And this is not always an individual entrepreneur: in fact you can work in the direction of the club.

With all the products in the gym lose weight

You can’t ask to the bar of your gym if you’re slimming down using a product of your letter, it is clear that you would say yes. Unfortunately, in reality none of these products will help you to get rid of the additional pounds, because they only have attractive names, and the effect of the autosuggestion.

Also, you have to remember about the adequacy of the price: if you buy a protein for the price of 20 chickens, worth razonarlo.

The coach may not always tell you the truth

Unfortunately, in many clubs present the goal of the coach is not only to transform the client in Apollo and Aphrodite, but also keep them in the gym. Most coaches will insist on the need to purchase individual classes and some administrators just forbid them to tell the client that it is ready for another stage. Read here some of the confessions of coaches. And what remains for you to do to a mere mortal that he is anxious to be muscular? Only trust in the coach. So our main advice is to find a good mentor.

In general all the tricks above are favored by our lack of will. But according to the american economists, there is a solution to this problem: when you sign a contract with a gym you should also sign the same contract a friend or relative. This last will return you a certain amount of money if the classes were effective. If this condition is not met, all the money will go to the charity or to the personal needs of the person with whom you signed the contract, and, of course, the motivation comes in to play. Make sure to try it!

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