8 Symptoms of depression hides that may have any one of us

Depression is a serious disease that can be confused with a simple fatigue. Often hides under an excessive addiction to work or, on the contrary, under an apparent joy of life. Sadness, lack of initiative, loss of physical and mental strength are some of the signs of this disease, but they are not the only ones.

Only a doctor can give a definitive diagnosis, but you can sense for yourself the presence of this emotional dysfunction, in you or in a loved one.

Great.guru decided to examine the symptoms do not clear of the depression. Knowing them can help avoid negative consequences.

1. Philosophize

The growing desire of a person to talk on philosophical subjects using an abstract language may point to the presence of a depression hidden. “This always happens to me”, instead of “I don’t sleep enough since two weeks ago”. “Nothing makes sense”, instead of “I think I should try a different method”. To the depressed people like to talk about the meaning of life and do it all the time, but his words say nothing concrete. Psychologists consider that the more particular the person is to express their thoughts, the more likely you will be satisfied with the life.

2. Search of excuses

People with major depressive disorder often use excuses to hide their true desires and sorrows. For example, they can invent a touching story of why they were not the birthday of a friend or why not they stayed to dine with their colleagues. The excuses they use camouflage to not traumatize or disturb anyone with his negative emotional state.

3. Lack of a suitable reaction

The person that goes through a depressive state perceives the reality differently. You can begin to agree with all, to express their views and wishes, not to react when someone offends you and to not feel pain in situations where it is unavoidable, for example, when you lose a loved one.

4. Psychosomatic diseases

In a depressive state, the person may complain of discomfort in the area of the heart, tension in the hands and feet, difficulty breathing, headache, toothache and other ailments. And, what is more likely is that a medical review demonstrate that with health everything is in order. The appearance of sensations of pain can be the result of a state of anxiety. In turn, the pain often leads to the emergence of more anxiety and stress, forming a vicious circle that forces the person to suffer pain psychosomatic sudden.

5. Gum mental

In a state of depression, the person is tossing around the same thoughts in his head time and time again. Think of it this way you are looking for answers to their questions, but the obsessive thoughts can’t solve their problems. By contrast, only create the illusion of looking for an exit. It is easy to perceive that a loved one suffers from obsessive thoughts: usually, in moments like that the person becomes reflective, is dispersed, and day after day speaking about the same subject, without trying to bring the thoughts to the actions. The main character of the movie “Without limits” can serve as a good example. The character of Bradley Cooper not to think about how to write a book and of its possible success, he immerses himself increasingly in the apathy and stress and, meanwhile, lost their loved ones and friends.

6. Sloppy appearance

A state of depression is often reflected in the appearance. If a person begins to neglect herself, no longer meets the basic standards of hygiene and does not keep his house in order, there are reasons to wonder if it is ok. This only applies to those who have not had problems to maintain the order and cleanliness before.

7. Changing the pace of work

A change in the pace of work can also be a warning sign of a depressive state. The person may cease dealing with the daily tasks, start to forget things, get tired faster, think to do something doesn’t make sense. It is also possible for an opposite reaction, when the people who before were not very active they become addicted to work, with a tight schedule and start collecting achievements. In this way they try to escape their feelings and convince themselves that life has meaning.

8. Joy exaggerated

Mask the depression under an appearance positive is a frequent occurrence. In public, the people who live in a constant abyss of emotional can be very happy and carefree. To avoid the serious conversations and joke about the hard issues. You can only “open” to such a person in a confidential conversation.

How to help yourself and loved ones

  • You can check a possible state of depression test Beck depression or with the scale of Zung.
  • If you notice symptoms of depression in a loved one, try to talk with him about his health and offer assistance. If the person does not allow the contact, to leave it alone for a while and monitor their status.
  • Do not underestimate the problems of your loved ones, do not be ironic and do not laugh of the situation. The words “mood”, “just” and “relax” not work in this case.
  • Help with the small things, the everyday problems, the depression does not leave energy to solve them.
  • Do not force a person who is depressed to lead an active life, yet is unable to do so.
  • Try to make pauses in communication with a depressed person to not submerge yourself in a similar state.
  • Refutes the myths that depression does not need to be treated by a specialist. Suggests professional help.
  • Pay attention to the people around you. Sometimes behind a smile and the appearances of an ideal life in Instagram, they can hide big problems.

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