8 Tricks of stylists in order to look more fresh and young

It is proven that the wrinkles and the large amount of pigment spots , ageing skin of your face. People pay attention to them when wanting to determine the age of the interlocutor, but also there are some features in your aspect that can make it visually more young the person.

A team of researchers from France and the US discovered that people think in the age of the woman, not wanting to pay attention to the contrast of his face: how much to highlight your eyes, lips, eyebrows, for example. Features expressive face speak about good health, youth and femininity. Some were granted by nature, others become sculptors using cosmetics.

The wording of Great.guru wants to share with you how to look much younger by using cosmetics and hair styling.

1. Lower lip plump

The effect of “the lips of a child” is a method to get rid of visulmente a few years. Nowadays, women prefer to increase the upper lip or both lips thinking that it will make them more attractive to men. But in fact the upper lip too chubby, makes his holding to see increased, while the lower lip plump makes the physiognomy of the face more naive and young.

2. Lines highlighted under the eyebrows

To lift, freshen and make more expressive, your gaze is enough to clear the arch under the eyebrow. The celebrities of today are already using this trick, but it can be used in everyday life.

You can underline the brow by using a concealer, shadows, light, or an illuminator.

3. High cheekbones

With age, the features of the face becomes less expressive because the skin loses its elasticity. In addition, the majority of women don’t have cheekbones and expressive, but help to remove visulamente a few years.

In this case, you can do a proper makeup or facial treatments cosmetic injections, but don’t forget to find a good specialist that will not damage the natural beauty of your face.

4. Small lobe of the ear

The lobe of the ear is one of the features to which the majority of women do not give importance, however, the lobes stretched by the use of earrings heavy age to the woman.

To correct the shape of the lobes can be done by an injection or laser, but these methods are too radical. It is much easier to prevent the problem: apply a nourishing cream, in particular, to the lobes and let you get earrings too heavy.

5. Natural Color of the skin

Although tanned skin can hide small defects on your face, you’ll also add a few years, because the tanned skin is more noticeable wrinkles. Also, the sun you ages, literally. Don’t forget that uv rays will do damage and do not use sunscreen in any season of the year.

6. A hairstyle a little “messy”

Nothing makes you look bigger than a perfect hairstyle which will not pull out or a lock. Only women with skin and perfect face can dare to do so. If you don’t want to look a bit more at your age, you will help a few strands a bit messy.

The effect of “the broken bits” will help you to look more fresh. If you want your hair to have the same length, but at the same time look more impressive, just by curling up your toes.

7. Natural hair Color

Usually lighter shades of hair are associated with youth. You can achieve a similar result with a natural dark colour. In any case, it is important that the color to be as natural as possible. Women with blonde color ash that has already been lost to the shade of blonde or that have a color completely black, “wing of crow”, they look larger or neglected.

If you decided to dye your hair, try to choose the tone more natural and appropriate for you.

8. Eyebrows a little “wild”

Eyebrows “wild“ can make your face more alive, expressive and young. It is very important to estabalecer a limit and does not completely reject the correction of the eyebrows, since eyebrows of bush look less attractive than a well-cared-for.

Looking for a good professional that will help preserve the naturalness of your eyebrows and adding a bit of ”savagery”.

These tips will be useful to almost all, but the key word here is “almost”, because each person is unique. What hidden changes of age? Tell us in the comments how you do it.

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