8 Tricks to read people who use fortune tellers and psychics

If you’re faced with a good psychic or fortune teller that tells you your whole life, of course you’re impresionas. But it does not necessarily have to do with any miracle. “What happens is that you are very gullible!

And we in Great.guru let demostrártelo with the 8 psychological tricks of “cold reading” used by almost all of the “psychics” and “witches”. By the way, if you practice, you can also use them to understand people better.

8. Groping

It is a trick trite, but efficient: to grope or scan visually to a person. It is a detailed analysis of the aspect of the other that can reveal many things about him (how expensive is your clothing, style, accessories, behavior, dialect and way of speaking, for example). Not to give much importance to this point, it is too obvious. Let’s move on to the next.

7. Effect Forer

Read the following description. Describes you, a person, an intellectual, a reader of Great.guru.

“You’re pretty self-critical. You feel that you have a lot of potential wasted. You have your sides are weak, but, in general, you are able to compensate. You like changes and variety, the limitations depressed. You are proud of your ability to think outside of the box, and not have prejudices. Sometimes you are an open person and social and other times you are closed and you feel skeptical. Sometimes doubt seriously if you’re on the right path. The security in your future is one of the main purposes of your life.”

Have we guessed?

You think that describes you, right?

In reality, it’s only about the effect Forer.

It is that people believe that such descriptions of personality are successful if they believe they were created specifically for them. In reality, they are so pervasive and misleading that can be applied to many other people. Most of the horoscopes are written precisely using this trick, and many “psychics” give tips and descriptions based on this phenomenon. Here are some examples:

  • “Lately not leave you the feeling that you are about to commit an error and do not know what to decide. Believe me, in this case it would be best to listen to your intuition and your heart.”
  • “You have a hidden enemy among your loved ones. Maybe you don’t even realize it, but it has a great negative influence in your life.”
  • “In general, you are an honest person and you have your principles, but you have had cases where you forget your them.”

Unfortunately, most of the people are carried away by the authority and the magical voice of these psychics and fortune-tellers, and take these general statements as a sample of something supernatural.

Meanwhile, the psychic average, you only have to choose the method that will be used to “read” the person. For example, through the hands. And the lines of the hands doesn’t matter, it only matters a medium description that can be applied to any and túcreerías.

6. The effect of Hans Smart

At the end of the XIX century and early XX century, the German mathematician Wilhelm von Osten had a horse named Hans. And, to the surprise and astonishment of all the world, Hans solved math problems by tapping the correct answer with your foot. What a miracle! Or do you not?

No. Thanks to the later research of the psychologist German Oskar Pfungst, it became clear that the horse didn’t calculate anything in your mind, but I read tracks, barely discernible from the person that asked the question: when the number of taps neared the correct answer, the person who had made the question tensed up without meaning to, and when the horse reached the correct number, the person was relaxing. And Hans stopped playing.

Psychics use the same method. For example, you may say: “In your life lately there has been problems with a ho… no, no, not with a woman.” After attempting to say the word “man”, a psychic experienced you will see, like Hans, for your gaze, that this is not a man. Then, it is a woman. And so as you can guess many things.

5. Trying with hooks

Can also start to ask questions that are formulated in such a way that appear to be statements. For example, the psychic begins:

—I see that you have problems —and it is logical, because if you don’t have, you would not go to see any gypsy or witch, right?


—Are they related to your love life? —Because there are not many areas significant in the life, it is easy to overshoot.


If the psychic does not fortune teller, this doesn’t look like a mistake, because I was not claiming anything. It will only be seen as a question to be able to “diagnosticarte” correctly. In any case, as you will notice.

4. The trick “you Are the chosen one, Neo”

There is a trick that occurs when the psychic starts to fall well and makes we have all of the confidence, revealing something that even you yourself know it. But perhaps the sospechabas. Or you would like to suspect it. For example, many people would agree with the words: “you Have incredible potential that you’re not taking advantage, but you’ve always suspected that it is there.”

  • Note: of course the revelations of the type “Always knew you were a horrible person” never would be used for any “psychic” in the world, because people don’t like to hear negative things.

3. Shooting at random

The objective of this trick is to name all the possible options, because some of them yes will be in the white. “What nonsense!”, you might think, but when the psychic begins to “think aloud” about the options: “I See your father, not your grandfather, do not, do not. Your mother doesn’t, either. Aha, I see your sister”, in the time given with the appropriate option, without wanting to say: “that’s True! It’s my sister!”, sorprendiéndote of how he could have known that charlatan.

2. Be attributed to what you have to say you

Another necessary skill of any psychic is to listen to a statement of a client, to tell him that I knew that already. And do so with an air so mysterious that the client creates that you really knew. Also, the clairvoyant adore to complete the phrases by your customers, by applying logic, but “emanating from the magic”:

—I like my job, but…

—But do you feel that something isn’t right there?

—Exactly! It seems like you understand me without words!

Because the person who is completely happy with his work, would not go with any psychic to tell you about the amazing that her duties are. The same method of “completing the sentences” is applied in case there is some error:

—I like my job, but…

—But do you feel that something isn’t right there?

—No, there all is well, but my wife…

—You feel your work is causing damage to your relationship with your wife.

—Exactly! It seems like you understand me without words!

So don’t be naive. Just a matter of pure logic.

1. To evade responsibility

This is the trick most important of all. To avoid the result type “you are a charlatan, give me back my money”, before you make any prediction, any psychic has the obligation (unspoken, of course) of mencionarte that it is a matter fine of a parallel reality, so the images that the Universe will send your mind (there may be interference) can have different meaning for each person. So “interprétalo yourself, because only you know how things are in reality.”

Have you ever had experiences with “predictions” of the future? Or maybe in your case everything was different? It tell us in the comments!

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