8 Tricks used by companies to make you buy something that you don’t even need

Internet users shared their experiences on the methods used for shops, restaurants, and even vendors of indoor plants with those who deceive their customers. The issue turned out to be so much present that there were testimonies of tens of thousands of people. At the same time, many of them, have been at the other side of the counter, that is to say that they were not customers, but marketing specialists or simple dependent.

Great.guru decided to tell you about the schemes more fraudulent and regulars that used the businesses to get the maximum benefit selling us their product or service. Take note!

1. The volume of the dish

The restaurants feature a lots of tricks that we are not even able to imagine. But the most common of them all is to offer the same amount of food at different prices.

The issue is that if you place, for example, the soup in a bowl, visually it appears a small amount. But if the same ration the raisins to a bowl or deep dish, this is full to the brim. In these last containers, the soup gets a price much higher than in a simple bowl.

So, when you order a meal, pay attention not only to price, but also to their volume and presentation. Look at this can save you unnecessary expenses.

2. Dish of the day

This is another of the tricks used more. Sometimes, in restaurants and cafeterias prepare the dish of the day with foods whose expiration date is about to end. In order not to lose money with food damaged, restorers lower the price and you fall in your strategy.

Yes, asking for the dish of the day will you save, but there is a high probability that you do not eat something very cool.

3. Deli meats and cheeses sliced

This scheme is similar to that described above, but use the food stores. A product cut into slices it is more attractive to the buyer because you would have to make less effort to prepare something. Therefore, the employees of the supermarkets used to lonchear cold meats or cheeses whose expiration date has not yet arrived, but is approaching.

It is better not to buy these products. But if you want to buy them, please do not hesitate to open the pack immediately after you pay for it and return it if you perceive that the sausage or the cheese has spoiled.

4. Natural and eco-friendly

Some companies claim that their products are organic, all-natural, manufactured and recycled materials that do not contain GMOS (genetically modified organisms). But you will not be able to check the sincerity of the seller directly on the store. This problem happens both with the food as with drugstore items, technology, cosmetics, and many other things.

It is worth knowing that there are few certifications ecological officers in this regard. And they are all fairly generic and well-known. If you encounter some unknown symbol on the package, it is best that you seek more information about the same. It is not worth to believe in the words of the manufacturer.

5. Best price guarantee

This offer is common in many countries of the world. Sometimes the sellers really offer you your item at the lowest price. The difference in this case may be small, but even so, there is. However, there are also other types of vendors.

Internet users were told that the stores that sell mattresses and electronic devices are placed in accordance with the manufacturers so the models you receive for your sale have a unique name. You will not find a cheaper product because, simply, you will not find a mattress or a vacuum cleaner with that name in another store.

6. Plants that bloom eternally

The florists also use tricks at times. Buying indoor plants in flower, pay attention to their cocoons.

Many Internet users have encountered with the fact that they had been sold cactus with blossoms attached. In addition, the seller assured that the plant would bloom throughout the year.

Beware: if you see that the plant has buds, this means that, very likely, they will flourish in truth.

7. Mannequins attractive

The establishments of clothing can also manipulate you. One of its tricks is that the garments that need to sell are put on beautiful mannequins. The client sees how good it is and how to successfully combine each other these garments. Thus, the possibility of purchase increases.

In this case, make sure you try the clothes to see if you are well. And if you have the opportunity to hear the opinion of another person (not a sales assistant, of course), resort to it. This will help you to buy garments that really fit you well.

8. Last chance

Another trick is to stress that the offer will soon come to an end, or is there a limit of stock. Use both the clothes shops like those that sell electronics or, for example, furniture.

The essence of this trick lies in making sure not to give you enough time to think about it or compare and maybe find a better deal. So, whenever you are with a message of this type, ask yourself how necessary is it for you this thing. And then check its price in other shops before you buy “at a price so good”.

Bonus: prices are too high and too low

One of the users of the Internet commented that, looking for a contractor, have to get away from the unreasonably low prices and that are too high. And if with the low prices everything is clear (just you offer a poor service or a low quality product), with the high, the logic seems strange.

In reality, the contractor who inflates the price, maybe just not interested in doing it, but you can’t say “I don’t do such work” because it is considered unprofessional. And then, deliberately exaggerates the price of their services, so that you do not go to him.

The causes of this behavior can be many. The main of them is not to upset the client, but at the same time, refuse.

How and with what marketing strategies you’ve come across you? Share your stories in the comments.

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