9 tourist Attractions famous with secrets that only the curious can see

The world is full of works of art and monuments that are of historical significance for the nations. Each year, these popular tourist spots are visited by millions of travellers from all corners of the planet. Some try to be part of the spirit of the story, while others are only looking to grow your collection of memorable photos. However, until now, few people know the secrets that hide the most important tourist attractions of the world, and today you’ll start to belong to that group.

Great.guru has met 9 secrets to amazing of the most famous tourist sites in the world that still did not reach the general public.

1. Trafalgar square

This square located in the heart of London was the site where occurred the most dramatic events in the country, including the “black Monday” and “bloody Sunday”. After that, the authorities decided to place a guard of police officers in that place to be able to react quickly and to calm the protesters.

So as not to attract the attention of the public, it was decided to install a cabin small, which received the name of “Lilliput” because of their small size. It is currently used for storing tools to clean streets.

2. Lincoln memorial

The monument erected in honor of Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the united. UU., it is located in Washington DC and is a place of historical interest of worship. Despite its popularity, has a little secret: if you look closely, you will find a door to your side.

Behind there is a staircase that leads to a large underground room. It is a cave, where there are even stalactites actual hanging from the ceiling. On its walls there are graffiti that were made by workers who built the monument in the 1900s.

3. “Disney World”

The Discovery Island is located in the city of Bay Lake, in the territory that belongs to The Walt Disney Company. It was originally called “Treasure island”, and there lived exotic animals, including lemurs and giant tortoises, as well as rare species of birds. The attraction started to operate in 1974 and lasted until 1999.

After its closure, the animals were moved to other locations, “Disney World”. Currently, the island remains abandoned and inaccessible for visitors. There have been attempts to find alternative forms of land use, including the merger with the developers of the popular video game series Myst. As in the games, the island would have a series of puzzles incomprehensible that the guests could solve in real life. However, that idea never prospered.

4. Statue of Leonardo da Vinci

In the largest airport in Italy, Fiumicino, to all the travelers they welcome a statue of Leonardo da Vinci, who holds in his hands a model of the helicopter in which he was created. The site was inaugurated in 1961. However, until its reconstruction in 2006, no one has found a small trap-door that is in the middle of the staircase within the statue itself.

Two scrolls were found in. One of them describes in detail the story of the creation of the statue in Latin, and on the other is a list of the participants of the opening ceremony. Given that the author and creator of the monument was the famous sculptor Bulgarian Asen Peykov, it is believed that he was the one who left her there, those messages for posterity.

5. Grand Central station, New York

Since 1966, in the building of the Grand Central Station of New York there are two tennis courts. Are located on the fourth floor, behind the top of the windows of the facade of the building. Many passengers enjoy the view of the terminal from the outside, without suspecting that there is a tennis club secret behind the crystals.

Not everyone can play there. Only members of the elite club Vanderbilt have the opportunity to train on those pitches. A class of 1 hour may cost about 155 USD. Among its visitors there are famous athletes like John McEnroe and the Williams sisters.

6. Statue of Liberty

A trip to New York is not complete without a visit to the Statue of Liberty. Most of the tourists have the chance to climb to the crown, but few know that before you also had access to the torch. However, with time, everything changed. On July 30, 1916, German spies detonated a bomb on a pier of a nearby city to Jersey City. The explosion was so strong that heavily damaged the hand of the statue.

Until 1984, it was not possible to completely repair the damaged parts. Since the explosion, visitors can not enter the torch. But if you want to see the original, you can find it in the museum of the island.

7. Washington monument

In 2016, the Washington monument had to be closed for an indefinite period due to problems with the system of elevators. However, the tourists were able to see a copy of almost 4 meters, hidden in a culvert nearby. It is part of a network of control points similar in all the country that helps the united States Geological Service to synchronize the maps of the government.

In the initial stage of construction, in the 1880s, you could see that a minimonumento towered over the lawn. It is now under the ground, because over time the landscape has changed, causing the object to sink.

8. Milan Central station

In Milan you will find one of the train stations largest in Europe. Every day, thousands of people pass through there, but few know that in the building there is a luxurious waiting room. It was built in the 1920s, especially for the comfort of the royal family.

After the end of the Second World War, the monarchs left the country, but the hall has remained until today in its original form: marble decoration, royal emblems and exquisite furniture. Even has a balcony with a magnificent view to the square.

9. House on a canal in Amsterdam

Between the houseboats in the canals of Amsterdam, there is one that despite their appearance modest, keeps a secret, very curious. In the old days, the Church reformed Dutch forbade the public worship of the catholic. The believers of this religion were removed from the political activities and administrative, and excluded from the business communities. Despite this, many continued to profess their faith in secret.

At the beginning of the 60s of the XVII century, a wealthy merchant bought three adjacent houses on a canal in the centre of Amsterdam, and built a church in them. Due to the fact that it was located on the higher floors, it was called “Our Lord in the Attic”. Currently, the complex is a museum that all can visit.

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