9 Celebrities who went from peace to rebellion

Many of us have crossed paths with rebels. They are all different: some are passionate fighters against the fundamentals, others may increase their self-esteem through a protest, others simply despise all sorts of rules. Creative people often live fighting with everything, but come to this point in different ways.

Great.guru found 9 stories of rebels in the world of the film and the music that started their careers by being good.

Drew Barrymore

  • The descendant of the old English family Drew from a very young was full of attentions. The classical education and strict and of course the support of her famous family in the world of film have left no options for the girl. Girl was already performing in commercials and at the age of 7 he obtained a role in “E. T., the extraterrestrial”, the cult film by Steven Spielberg.
  • To handle the fame was not very easy. As the actress admitted, to the 9 years tested alcohol, at 10, marijuana at 12, cocaine. There was a scandal after another, however, thanks to the family and to work, Barrymore was able to get out of a life that was going into a tailspin and is now raising two daughters and acts in the film as usual.

Shia Labeouf

  • The childhood of Labab was not ideal. His parents divorced when he was a teenager. However, it quickly became an actor of promise and, in general, did not demonstrate a provocative attitude. Look at this type rizoso. Is it possible to offend someone?
  • It turned out that yes. After filming in “Transformers”, Shia showed his character complex. Was in conflict with the police, their colleagues and simply did provocations constant. Well, the appearance on the red carpet with a paper bag on the head was the manifestation most striking of his rebellious spirit.

Miley Cyrus

  • At just 14 years old he became a megastar and ídola of adolescents as a result of which she played the protagonist of the series of Disney’s “Hannah Montana“. At the same time, he had time to study, attended church, and generally was a little girl to be obedient.
  • The most important step for Cyrus was the separation of the image of ídola of adolescents. The gap was so large that the program of classification of new releases gave it a rating of 16+. And the video of the song ”Wrecking Ball” was a real shock to millions of fans of the singer.

Kanye West

  • If you think that all the rappers made their way from the neighborhoods and fought against poverty, then say goodbye to the stereotypes. The mother of Kanye, was chair of the department of English at the University of Chicago and the future rapper took very good notes. After graduating from high school, he entered the University and there he realized that music was his vocation.
  • Kanye quickly became one of the main rebels in the world of hip-hop. Repeatedly got involved in several scandals, and even discussed with the president of the united States. Some situations were, frankly, indecent. In 2009 at the ceremony of the MTV Awards, Taylor Swift won the award for best video. Just on stage, West took the microphone to Swift and said “Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time”.

Christina Aguilera

  • Aguilera from a young age she aspired to be a star of the stage. While studying in school, developing his artistic skills and became a referent for the adolescent when he came to be the participant of a bright show of “Mickey Mouse Club“ alongside Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake. The debut album of the singer brought her world fame.
  • The young singer was not a rebellious behavior out of the scene. But ”the rebellion calculated” distinguishes it among others. Confirm the changes controversial image, sexuality, emphasized in their videos and their lyrics. The most difficult step was the release of the video for the song “Dirty” and, even though it has been 15 years, still looks extremely provocative.

David Duchovny

  • Usually the famous “drop-outs” for their career. Duchovny, however, preferred to complete their studies and also graduated with a degree in English literature. As a student, David was carried away by the theater and began to appear on the stage, commercials, and television.
  • During the filming of the famous series “Californication” on the move hollywood, Duchovny had a change of 180 degrees. He started drinking a lot of alcohol and was divorced from his wife due to infidelity and constant. Started parecerce much to his character, a writer antisocial. What is important is that now the actor is good.

Lady Gaga

  • 11 the singer was sent to the prestigious catholic school for girls and graduated with success. Even there he stood out among his companions by his voice and the bright clothes that she liked. After graduating from high school, Stephanie was admitted to the Tisch School of the Arts, belonging to the University of New York.
  • Or well stepped on the scene in the clubs of New York, Lady Gaga quickly realized that not only wanted to sing. His clothes extravagant, their actions, and every appearance in public emphasized the desire of the singer to create an original image, and recognisable with a theatricality deliberate. She herself admitted that she had always sought this boundary between theatre and music.

Gerard Butler

  • She studied very well, she graduated from the university, found the best place and turned it into an excellent lawyer!!! This is how began the story of the actor. Then became disillusioned with their chosen profession and began to take a lot of alcohol.
  • The view on the stage of the Theatre of Edinburgh the play “Trainspotting”, the lawyer, the Butler realized that it was time that he change his profession. Having left a prestigious career, it all started from scratch and it gave its fruits. A year later he played the role protágonico in the same work. His rebellion against the routine of the clerk was justified 100 percent.

Britney Spears

  • Spears was another young star who achieved success at an early age. After the “Mickey Mouse Show” and the incredible first album, became a great ídola of pop for young people all over the world.
  • Having a world-wide popularity, Spears, little by little, he began to use alcohol and drugs to relieve the stress. The mid and the end of the decade of 2000 were marked by scandals and attempts at rehabilitation. The shaved head of Britney Spears is one of the main memories of this period. Little by little, two children and self-help brought out the singer of the crisis.

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