9 Cuts female popular than reveal the personality of their owners

In may 2004 the chinese girl Xie Qiuping went to the “Book of Records Guiness” as the carrier of the hair the world’s longest. The woman took care of this for 13 years and at the time of establishing the record, the length of her hair reached 5,627 meters.

What is impressive, no? It is a fact quite rare, since the majority of women still choose to change your hair cut once in a while, but did you know that by choosing what we do with the option that most reflects our internal state? It is not surprising that if a woman cuts her hair, it will soon make changes in your life.

Great.guru chose the variants most brilliant of such coincidences. Certainly we do not claim to an absolute truth, but here we make a even a small contribution. So, let’s see what is behind our bangs and long curls.

1. Hair cut Bob

These cuts are chosen by women who often change their mood as the spring weather. There is sun and feel the hot rays, but after five minutes, it is a snow storm. They are very ambitious, I love to lead, easily attain heights professionals. What is not a queen true?

2. Hair cut Bob short

Soft, lightweight and vulnerable. Due to its touch, has many friends, as it is very easily any topic of conversation and knows how to listen very well to your partner. Such girls are to protect, care for and appreciate necessarily, as they are very fragile.

3. Long hair bright

This is a beautiful woman. He loves to be the center of attention and likes to make compliments, which you get often. This woman has a brilliant charisma and a mysterious enigma at the same time. I Admirémosla!

4. Temples shaved

Creative personalities and independent which they don’t care about the opinions of others, if there are any. But also behind an eye-catching appearance often there is natures hidden, delicate and bouncy. In general, these women are versatile and which side will they turn to you, depends only of your attitude.

5. Hair cut in layers

Normally this cut is chosen by people who know very well what is your goal and pursue him. However, not hinders you to be cheerful. Near them you will feel positive and love to life. You tranquilizarán, to give you a council and shall cast some quarrel through if you need it.

6. Pixie

Oh those cuts rebels! Autonomous, possesses masculine qualities, but if necessary, it hides cleverly. Does not depend on the opinion of another person, he causes admiration for its practicality and balance. And the shorter it is, the more courage you have. Well done! There is nothing more to say.

7. Precise geometric lines

The precise lines of the court speak of your having is a person of visions conservative with a spark of creativity that shines brightly. She definitely knows what she wants and does it in such a way that the others also want it. At the same time, you try to hide what is inside of your soul. Well, that is reasonable.

8. Hair cut with bangs

The bangs can be compared with a visor medieval that hides the face. It is a special function of protection. The thicker and longer the bangs, the more you want to isolate yourself from the outside world. This woman is a very romantic and sensitive. Abrázala, protect and admire it.

9. Frequent changing of hair cuts

Those women who today have a perfect hair and morning show everyone your neck shaved they are eccentric personalities, I love the changes and are always in the constant search of themselves. Never remain in the same place, they need new impressions and a brilliant life. And of course, this is perfect.

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Иллюстратор Alena Sofronova for Great.guru

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