9 common Things that will cause your son more harm than good

Every father seeks to raise their children correctly, but to the mothers and parents with more decision makers can make mistakes. The trap is that, many times, the things common hidden risks and unexpected dangers. For example, the swabs seem absolutely harmless, but a false move can cause a real tragedy. And “the main pureed baby”, the grits, directly has no medical contraindications to the smaller. In this article we will tell you what common things can have a negative impact on the health of children.

Great.guru advises not to take risks and arming yourself with information on how to not harm a child, surrounding it with care day to day.

1. Pacifiers

Pacifiers can be very useful in the first 6 months of a baby’s life. In that period they have a calming effect and even analgesic. However, after that time, it is best to cease use.

The doctors make the following negative effects of the use of the pacifier:

What to do:

After six months, the baby will begin to grow teeth, so it will be best to replace the pacifier for a teething ring.

2. Inadequate food

Many of the foods that traditionally are considered helpful for babies, in reality they are absolutely inappropriate for the agency of a small. In the baby’s digestive system still has not formed a microflora strong enough to cope with many types of products, such as:

  • honey;
  • porridge of wheat and oats;
  • and dairy products milk sour;
  • juices;
  • fruits and berries tart (peaches, blueberries, grapes, etc);
  • some vegetables and greens: broccoli, beets, beans, peas, etc;
  • nuts and peanut butter;
  • some types of fish and all shellfish in general.

This risk can manifest itself in different ways: from allergic reactions, to serious problems of the stomach and of the intestines. For example, the meal is a gluten for the digestion of the baby simply does not have the necessary enzymes. And the honey may contain spores of bacteria that are safe for adults, but in young children can cause botulism.

What to do:

Don’t be in a hurry to introduce the products mentioned in the diet of the baby. The optimum time to do this is after a year.

3. Incorrect clothing

The clothing of each day is a source of hidden dangers that we are not accustomed to consider. We do wrong, because even the youngest children spend most of the time dresses. Therefore, it is important that your clothing is not only comfortable, but also safe for your health.

We should pay special attention to:

  • the amount of small functional details is not larger than needed;
  • all the buttons and sliders of the zips are firm;
  • there are decorative details of great volume such as pearls, sequins, beads, etc;
  • in place of laces and strips of fabric, no velcro, and buttons;
  • the clothing is the correct size, do not press anything and don’t squeeze it too hard in any place;
  • the bottom has no tags large, rough areas that may rub the skin causing pain.

What to do:

Choose clothing for the children taking into account these recommendations.

4. Diapers

It is difficult to overestimate the convenience of using disposable diapers modern. It is known that they have to spend between 12 and 18 months for the babies to be able to control their natural needs.

Doctors advise to start to teach the child to use the potty at the age of 1 year and a half as a maximum. This means that the use of diapers should be stopped at that time. It is clear that, otherwise, the baby simply will not have the motivation to restrain.

In addition, the prolonged use of diapers hides the following risks:

Nor must we forget the ecological problems generated by the use of this type of waste.

What to do:

Try to reduce the use of diapers to a minimum, both in quantity and time of use of each one. Not aplaces the complete cessation of the use of diapers.

5. Swabs

The swabs have been recognized by physicians from all over the world as a product harmful and dangerous to health. And yet, parents can’t resist the temptation of scratching the ears of the children, even very small. It is categorically counter-indicative.

The use of cotton swabs to clean the ears at home conditions can be a cause of:

  • trauma mechanics of the inner ear, including serious consequences that can reach up to the loss of the full hearing;
  • training forced stoppers sulphuric, since, in the process of cleaning the wax simply compact in the depth of the ear;
  • otitis frequent.

The prohibition applies to both children and adults. Doctors warn: don’t get into the depth of the ear, do not look for an elimination radical of earwax. Its presence is necessary for the proper functioning of the hearing and protects it from adverse external factors.

What to do:

Wash with foam while taking a shower or a bubble bath, and then dry with a towel is more than enough to preserve the cleaning. If you really want to, it passes the swab only for the external areas of the ear.

6. Incense sticks and scented candles

The aromatherapy does not have a proven effective in the treatment of any type of disease, but it is known that different aromas help to cheer up or, conversely, to relax.

Scented candles and incense sticks burning with smoke emission are the means of relaxation most inappropriate in a house where there are children. What to say about the young children, if even the adults can be exposed to effects of aromatherapy as nasty as:

  • difficulty breathing;
  • allergic reactions;
  • a high risk of developing bronchial asthma.

What to do:

Aromatherapy is not contraindicated to children, but to carry it out should be to use essential oils. Before you apply any new oil, the need to perform a test for allergies.

7. Articles children’s second-hand

Raising a child is not a cheap pleasure. Many times, parents have to find ways to save money, and buy things child used seems like a good idea. However, not all of these things are safe for the children.

Remember that you should not buy the following items second hand:

  • shoes: even after a few days of use, the footwear adjusts to its first owner and it can negatively affect the setting of the foot of his new owner;
  • hats and scarves: some of the clothing used are safe, but not so the hats and scarves that, even after washing, can be infected by, for example, head lice;
  • plates and glasses to children: like personal hygiene products, cutlery, children’s must be new and strictly individual;
  • mattresses, pillows and blankets: while buying a rocking chair or a baby cot is not prohibited, the mattress and the underwear must be completely new, since the complete disinfection of such articles in home conditions is impossible;
  • soft furniture and stuffed toys: disinfection is only possible at a laundry, which many times ends up being more expensive than buying the item new.

What to do:

When you buy things second-hand, inspecciónalas carefully for damage. Refuse to buy items that have been in use for a long time.

8. Interactive toys

It is assumed that the interactive toys, such as those that emit lights, moves, sound, images and videos, and speak in several languages at the same time, help the child in their development. But the studies show that these sophisticated devices produce the opposite effect.

In comparison with the toys common, the interactive are harmful because:

  • scattered attention due to the simultaneous use of many irritating factors;
  • only create a semblance of communication: while the toy is speaking a lot, the child is less and less talk;
  • makes the child memorize without thinking, instead of analyze.

What to do:

Give preference to toys more traditional, such as dolls, cars and builders. Divides the functions of a toy multifunctional: an instrument to make music, a autito respond to the motion, and the table games, by the logic.

Instead of delegating your responsibilities to a cat plastic speaker, plays and talks with the child yourself.

9. Transport child

Scooters, skateboards and especially the bicycles should be selected according to the age of the child and, in consequence, according to their physical parameters. A bike of a size and composition inappropriate can be dangerous for the child, and not only in term of injuries. An incorrect posture will inevitably affect the child’s body in constant formation; more precisely, the skeleton.

The transport child is not something that you can save. Be harmful:

  • bicycles and scooters are too large, purchased long-term;
  • those who clearly are already too small for the child.

What to do:

The vehicle of the child should be replaced as he grows. It is recommended to choose a bike according to the length of the legs: if it stretches the legs from the seat, must not stop on the ground with the whole foot. What is correct is that the child can only support the tip of the feet.

Bonus: articles child useless

These children’s products do not have any hidden danger and will not cause any damage. However, nor do they have any benefit.

Mothers share on the Internet their opinion on the purchases, instead of providing them with the life, are gathering dust on the shelves and take up space in the cabinets. Among them, the first positions are occupied by:

  • sterilizer for bottles: it is sufficient to pass them through boiling water;
  • bottle warmers: infant formula is cooked only once; while it is hot, the bottle remains warm, and if the mixture is cooled down, as not to be heated;
  • pacifier thermometer: the children spit out the plastic strange of mouth;
  • bathtub with adapter: remaining girl to the baby quickly and takes up lot of place where is that the store;
  • recycling system for diapers: you should not place a basket with a waste of a bad smell in the room of a baby;
  • radio baby monitor: is an object that is really unnecessary in a department.

And, perhaps, the article child most useless: a heater for wet wipes. This electronic device massive and expensive to perform a function that you can easily make your palms hot, or a simple heating stove.

And what baby products you consider useless and even harmful for children?

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