9 Things you should know if you take 3 cups of coffee a day

To be a real girl Gilmore entails taking more than 3 cups of coffee a day just to start your morning. The coffee addiction is a problem in the office and the worst confrontations always occur in the tail of the coffee machine. Many think that without their doses of caffeine are not functional, but is it true?

How you can start your day without a cup of coffee?

Decreases the risk of diabetes

9 Cosas que deberías saber si te tomas 3 tazas de café al día

The type 2 diabetes has a declared enemy, the coffee. Each cup of coffee further decreases to 7% in the probability of having diabetes, up to 50% less likely for those consumers of large amounts of coffee.

Coffee against cancer

If you take 2 cups of coffee a day decrease by 40% the chances of developing liver cancer, as well as prostate and breast cancer in non-smokers. Smoking eliminates any positive effect that has the coffee against the cancer.

Increases your metabolism

9 Cosas que deberías saber si te tomas 3 tazas de café al día

The consumption of coffee increases your metabolism by up to 11%, so that your body is able to process food much faster. That’s why the coffee is usually offered after meals.


9 Cosas que deberías saber si te tomas 3 tazas de café al día

The high brain activity that produces the consumption of coffee affects positively in the prevention of Alzheimer’s, a disease that, unfortunately, affects many people in their old age. Studies have shown encouraging results that relate to coffee consumption with the reduction of this disease.

Instead of alcohol, the better a cup of coffee

The cirrhosis, a disease suffered especially by those who abuse the consumption of alcohol, could be addressed with a couple of cups of coffee per day. Not worth a drink and a coffee to compensate, but a cup a day of coffee reduces the chances of cirroris in a 22%.

Decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease

9 Cosas que deberías saber si te tomas 3 tazas de café al día

A study at a large scale showed that people who drink large amounts of coffee (3-5 cups) were less likely to have cholesterol build up in your arteries and, consequently, less risk of vascular.

Depression in women

According to a study by the Harvard University of public Health, the high consumption of coffee (more than 4 cups per day) can reduce the risk of depression in women by up to 20%. The results in men are not yet conclusive.

Gives you more energy

9 Cosas que deberías saber si te tomas 3 tazas de café al día

The morning coffee improve your attention, memory, and cognitive ability, that’s why you’re not able to boot in the morning without him.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s

It does not help to prevent it, but it is helpful to reduce the symptoms of this terrible disease. The coffee helps men and menopausal women to reduce the tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease, due to the absorption of one of the enzymes responsible for the tremor.

I share it with all your friends and join in the fever of coffee!

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