9 historical Data that we were taught in school and that turned out to be completely false

We believe that every fact that we hear from our teachers is the absolute truth. But often it turns out that we cannot believe everything we hear, especially when it comes to some historical events.

Great.guru met cheating more common that we still think of as real facts, but which in reality were not tested by anyone.

9. Humpty Dumpty was an egg

We all know the classic nursery rhyme about the tragic fall of the poor Humpty Dumpty. But this character was not really an egg. The same word “egg” was never mentioned in this short poem.

Humpty Dumpty is the name of the cannon used by the royalists English during the English Civil War. At that time, the military placed cannons on the walls, and when these weapons fell to the ground, could not be recovered.

8. The chalk of the slate is made of chalk

Most of the chalk modern are made from gypsum mineral and are not composed at all chalk. The difference between these 2 chemical substances is that the chalk is calcium carbonate and gypsum is a type of salt.

7. Napoleon was very low

Napoleon Bonaparte is often depicted as a man of low stature. In 1821, at the time of his death, his height was 5 feet and 2 inches in units of French, which is equivalent to 157 centimeters.

However, in modern measurements, it would measure 5 feet and 7 inches tall. That is a bit more than the standard height of the French in the NINETEENTH century (5 feet and 5 inches). This means that Napoleon was quite tall for his time.

6. Humans descended from chimpanzees

This theory is so well known that no one challenges it. However, in reality, both humans and monkeys evolved from a common ancestor that lived about 25 million years ago. So no we evolved from monkeys or apes, but we share over 90 per cent of our DNA with them.

5. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb

The famous inventor Thomas Edison is credited with having given us electric light in the form of light bulb in 1879. Although it was certainly a great scientist, there is a small misunderstanding about his invention.

25 years before, in 1854, the mechanic German Henry Goebel created a version almost identical to a light bulb. Unfortunately, he never obtained a patent for his work and that is why I was never able to successfully challenge to Edison. But that does not prevent him from being the original pioneer in the creation of electric light.

4. We use only 10% of our brain

This myth is supported by many Hollywood movies where the main character manages to activate 100 percent of his brain, becoming a genius.

However, neurologists have shown that it is only a misunderstanding. Their study has shown that we use almost all our brain and every part of it is active almost all the time. In addition, if only 1 percent of our brain suffer serious damage, the effect would be disastrous!

3. The blood in our veins is blue due to the fresh oxygen

2. Newton discovered gravity after an apple will fall on your head

Although Isaac Newton really was near an apple tree when he tried to formulate his theory of gravitation, in reality it was not hit in the head by a falling fruit, as there is no evidence of the “incident of the apple,” in his notes.

1. Van Gogh cut off his ear because he suffered from a mental illness

The majority of people still think that this famous artist cut off his ear due to his mental illness. But in 2009, the art historians have argued that his injury was the result of a quarrel with fellow painter Paul Gauguin. The artists agreed not to tell anyone about the incident to save their friendship.

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