9 Examples that it is never too late to find your prince or princess

Who does not want to marry a prince or a princess in your childhood? Sometimes these dreams become reality. So it was with the Hollywood actress Grace Kelly. Being an actress very popular and the winner of the award “Oscar“ and without having ”blue blood” became the wife of the prince Raniero III and Princess consort of Monaco. By the way, not only the girls dream about that, the guys also want a beautiful princess.

Great.guru you prepared a list rather curious of people who were lucky enough to marry (or are still waiting for this) with members of the Royal House. It seems that you really love can overcome any obstacle.

The Prince of the United Kingdom Harry and the actress Meghan Markle

Megan Markle grew up in a normal family, her mother works as a yoga instructor and his father as operator in television. The girl chose the career of an actress, and managed to gain a great deal of fame thanks to his role in the popular tv series “Suits”.

He met the prince in the 2016 in London at a meeting with friends in common. Since then, they started to leave hiding it all over the world. On the 27th of November 2017, the couple announced their engagement, the wedding is to be held in the spring of 2018. By the marriage of Harry, Meghan, had left the career in Hollywood and moved to London at the Kensington palace. By the way, will be the first american who will become a member of the british royal family, from the time of the marriage between Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson.

The king of Bhutan, Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck, and the student Jetsun Pema

This love story started many years ago, when the beautiful Jetsun Pema was only 7 years old. The future king joked that when she grew up she would marry her and thus it came to pass. A few years later they met again: Jigme was already the king of Bhutan and she had just finished studies at a university in India. Soon the young people organised a magnificent wedding traditional.

By the way, in Bhutan there is a tradition according to which the monarch can marry more than one woman, but Jigme has refused to follow it. In spite of other customs, he in public always takes his hand and even kisses her.

Supermodel Kendra Spears, and the muslim prince Rahim Aga Khan

The family Aga Khan named Isabela II, does not govern any state, but runs a multi-million dollar business and a muslim community of ismaelíes nizaríes. This family has the habit of choosing as wives to the beautiful women of Hollywood, for example, the actress Rita Hayworth was married during a time with one of the princes.

Prince Rahim Aga Khan took as a wife the supermodel Kendra Spears, who was the image of magazine covers and fashion houses. Her husband had to take a new name: princess Salwa Aga Khan. Adopted Islam, but was not able to completely reject the modeling career, and sometimes even participates in some photo shoots.

The prince of Sweden, Carlos Felipe, and television star Sofia Kristina Hellqvist

Before you meet the prince in a night at the club, Sofia worked as a waitress, instructura of yoga, a participant of the reality show and was even photographed in toples for the cover of a magazine. Before the meeting with her future husband, the star went to Ghana as a volunteer and founder of a charity association for children.

The royal family was not so happy with the choice of Carlos, but despite this they had to yield before the threat of abdication of the throne. The magnificent wedding gathered more than 400 guests and now the couple already has two children.

The king of Morocco, Mohamed VI, and the engineer Lalla Salma

The future princess was cared for by his grandmother, the father of the girl was a teacher in a school and the mother had passed away. Lalla received a good education and worked as an engineer in operating systems. Soon she met her future husband. The princess often represents Morocco at the official events and travel a lot. Salma really likes to dress well, several times he was recognized as a “style icon” and is a very popular and beloved by the people of your country.

The banking investor Maximum Zorreguieta and the king of the Netherlands, willem Alexander

Long before the wedding, Max started to build a banking career and was a great success. She served as vice president of sales for a large bank, as well as the investor.

However, the wedding with the prince of the Netherlands was under threat. His father was the Agriculture minister in the argentine government of the genocidal Jorge Rafael Videla and many parliamentarians were against the union. In the end, the permission to marry was granted, but the parents of the bride were not able to attend the event.

Event planner Tatiana Blatnik and prince Nicholas of Greece and Denmark

Tatiana was born in Venezuela into a family of immigrants in slovenia, studied in the U.S. and Switzerland. For a long time worked in the home of fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg, and helped with the organization of the walkways, until she received a proposal of marriage of prince Greek. Your wedding in Greece in 2010 brought together the vast majority of Europe, although the ceremony took place in a church modest. As it corresponds to all the real people, Tatiana sponsors several charity programs.

The Prince of Ethiopia, Joel Makonnen, and criticism of art Ariana Austin

This couple met in a meeting 12 years ago. Joel, by the way, he concealed his origin for a while. The young man grew up in Rome, where his family lived in exile after the coup d’état in 1974 that happened in Ethiopia. At that time they overthrew the last emperor of the country, Haile Selassie I, whose great-grandson is Joel.

Now Makonnen works as a lawyer and his american wife, Ariana Austin, in the field of art. The wedding was carried out in accordance with the customs of the ethiopian orthodox church.

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