9 Celebrities whose parents were not found to be simple people

Even if you don’t have a very close relationship with your mother or father, even so influence the development of your personality and character.

In Great.guru we got curious to know how influenced the famous people their parents and what they did. So, we have compiled 9 interesting stories that we want to share with you, as well as the accomplishments of those parents who have left their mark on our favourite celebrities.

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman was born in 1970 in a family is very curious. Her father, Robert Thurman, was the first american man to which the very Dalai Lama ordained buddhist monk. Her mother, Nena Thurman before her marriage bore the surname von Schlebrügge. Was a famous model hippie and the ex-wife of the researcher’s legendary psychedelic drugs Timothy Leary. Uma received its name in honor of the hindu goddess of bliss.

Today, the mother of Uma leads a respectable life as a psychotherapist. His father raised their oaths of buddhist monk, but did not deny their convictions and carried out his own course on indo-tibetan buddhism in quality of professor of the University of Columbia.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The winner of an Oscar, Leo, received its name in honor of Leonardo da Vinci. The father of the future actor felt that was a signal that, during a walk with his wife, the baby give a kick in the belly to their mother when they were near a painting of the famous artist in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence.

Irmelin DiCaprio was a social worker and George was a hippie, and popular artist of comic books , often containing obscene content.

According to Leo, despite the fact that the father abandoned the family when he was almost a baby, their mutual relationship has not been affected. Leonardo is close to his parents. George even took part in the development of the acting career of your child. “My father still draws his comics in the garage, living as if they were the ’60s and even read my scripts, to appoint me those worth looking at,” says DiCaprio.

Leo also has a good relationship with his stepmother, Peggy. His father married for the second time when Leo was only 4 years old and Peggy played an active part in their education. Currently, she is a sikh who attends to all the official events of his son-in-law wearing the turban.

Jennifer Aniston

When Jennifer was born in 1969, his parents were actors. His mother, Nancy Dow was an actress and model. Her father, John Aniston, actor of Greek origin. Jennifer has mentioned on more than one occasion that has a complicated relationship with her mother and feels closer to his father.

It is interesting to know that the career of John Aniston could have been different: he served in the U.s. Navy, but always wanted to be an actor. The fame came with his role of Victor Kiriakis in a series of television titled “Days of Our Lives”. It turns out that Joey from “Friends” was an actor in a soap opera that existed in real life and the producers made a parody of the same for the tv series. “Days of Our Lives” has received more than 160 different awards and is emitted from 1965 until our days.

Jake Gyllenhaal

The star of “brokeback mountain” and “Intrigue” was born in 1980 in a well-known family. His father, Stephen Gyllenhaal, is the creator and director of several series famous television, including “Twin Peaks” and “The Mentalist”. His mother, Naomi Foner, is a screenwriter in Hollywood.

In addition to this family, has a family tree interesting, and commitments unusual with the upbringing of children. By the branch of their father, Jake is the descendant of an ancient family of noble Swedish Gyllenhaal, and his mother, a jewish woman of Russian origin. The family, clearly well-to-do, raised their children with a style that is very democratic, but at the same time strict. For example, the Bar Mitzvah (a jewish ceremony mandatory when it comes to the adult life) was conducted in a shelter for homeless people, for instilling in Jake a sense of gratitude for the prosperous life that you received.

Tupac Shakur

One of the artists of hip-hop ‘s most iconic and influential was born in 1971 in the midst of a family with active members of a revolutionary socialist organization, the Black Panthers, popular for their radical views. His mother, Afeni Shakur, and his father, Billy Garland, claimed responsibility for the rights of african americans in the U.S.

Afeni Shakur was charged with more than 150 charges, which included one very serious: the conspiracy against the US Just before I was born Tupac, rose all the accusations that weighed against her. After the death of her son, Afeni received all the rights of the songs of Tupac and actively was devoted to works of charity, until her death in 2016.

Hugh Laurie

The “Doctor House” was born in 1959 in Oxford, in the bosom of a family of a scottish doctor and a housewife. His mother, Patricia Laurie, wrote stories that were published in The London Times. His father, William “Ran” Laurie, was a great professional, but the greater part of his life was occupied with sports, basically rowing. He was a member of one of the oldest clubs in the world in this discipline, specifically in Cambridge. The team of William won numerous competitions, but the most important was obtaining a gold medal in the Olympic Games of 1948 in London.

The sports career of his father influenced notoriously in his son: Hugh also practiced rowing and he was pretty good. For example, in 1977 won the british championship in Junior category.

Jackie Chan

His unique style in the fight acrobatic did Jackie Chan one of the most popular heroes of the action films of the TWENTIETH century. Born in 1954 in a chinese family humble. His parents, Charles and Lily Chan, were forced to move to Hong Kong because of the persecutions during the civil war in China. The father of the actor could not stay on the sidelines and fought to defend the independence of his country.

The political struggles of Charles began when he was 20 years old and joined the Army National Revolutionary of China. During the Second World War, was captured by the japanese and ended up in prison. However, his political relationships, helped Charles to be released.

Dustin Hoffman

“The actor most hard-working”. It is as well as called in Hollywood, Dustin Hoffman. He was born in 1937 in the family of Harry Hoffman, a set decorator for Columbia Pictures, and Lillian Hoffman, a famous jazz pianist. His mother lived by and for the music, and saw the future of his son as a professional musician. He gave piano lessons since I was 5 years old. However, in his youth changed his plans. Thanks to his brother, who worked as an extra in films several, Dustin was taken in by the film industry.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson was born in 1979 in the family of a musician, Bill Hudson, and an actress, Goldie Hawn. But after the divorce of their parents, Kate was raised by Kurt Russell, the second husband of his mother. Kurt and Goldie formed a couple very talented, most known for his role in the film “A sea of troubles”. Both were influential in the emergence of the gift for comedy that developed Kate. She has repeatedly stated that it considers Kurt her real father, since the biological always showed disregard for his life.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are known as the couple stronger and more solid of Hollywood: they are together for more than 30 years and their marriage is a challenge for every romance shorts.

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