9 Famous products in some countries are completely different

Before entering a new market, companies typically study it in detail and adapt their names according to the cultural peculiarities of another country. So, if we speak of the many brands that we know, a person in another country will not understand what we mean.

Great.guru collected the names of products that sound differently in other regions.


In the French-speaking province of Quebec, in Canada, the family KFC is known in French as Poulet Frit Kentucky or simply PFK.

Milky Way

If you arrive at US you’re going to want to buy Milky Way, then you will not be able to avoid the confusion. The chocolate in Europe known as the Milky Way, which comes in the wrap blue, in the USA is called 3 Musketeers (“The three musketeers”). When you buy from US a Milky Way in the wrap coffee, prepare to meet… a bar of Mars.


It turns out that the company’s products feminine hygiene Procter & Gamble in several countries are called differently. Women in many countries of Asia and Australia, known as Whisper, Lines in Italy, Orkid in Turkey, Evax and Ausonia in Spain and Portugal.


This conditioner for clothes in Europe, Japan, and Russia is known as Lenor. The love of houses for americans to know as Downy, which by the way, means “soft, delicate, fluffy”.


Half of the TWENTIETH century, the company’s british Vauxhall linked its activities with the German firm of cars Opel. And today we know that the vehicles produced in a German company are sold in the Uk market under the brand Vauxhall.


The famous brand of cosmetics Olay, Procter & Gamble, it has not always been called so, as it is known in many countries of the world. Among the variants of their names are: Oil of Ulay, Oil of Ulan, Oil of Olaz. Even after it became the world brand of cosmetics in 1999 in Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and the regions that speak German, still Oil of Olaz or simply Olaz.

Coca-Cola Light

The Cola-Cola Light in several countries it is called differently. In the shops of the U.S. and Great Britain can be found as Diet Coke, but in Europe the seller of a shop will not understand what it is that the individual american is ask, because there’s this drink called Coca-Cola Light. This is because in some countries the English word “diet” (“dietary”) is not a marker of foods that are low in calories. And not long ago it was decided to replace the name of Coca-Cola Light Coca-Cola Zero.


Detergents Tide have three names: Turkey is Alo and in countries of Central Europe is Vizir. It all depends on the decision of marketers. In addition, the composition and shape also vary within countries, depending on the type of washing that you prefer to the love of local homes. For example, in the Philippines and Indonesia traditionally wash with soap… Tide. And in Latin america we know it as Ace.


It might surprise you why we put this product to the couple of well-known brands. But it turns out that Vaseline is the brand Unilever. In Portuguese and Spanish, her name sounds different: Vasenol. Under this name, this product is also sold in some Spanish-speaking countries and Portuguese.

And what are the names of products are not common in different countries of the world that you know? Share your answer in the comments.

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