9 Mysteries of the White House that only know the presidents

The White House is one of the known buildings in the world. As any building with a history of several centuries, behind its walls hides many mysteries.

Great.guru spied 9 secrets of The white House that only known to the initiated. At the end of the article you will learn how is the life in The white House.

9. Garden of children

The kindergarten was founded in 1968 and was a gift of farewell to the president Lyndon B. Johnson and his wife to the end of the presidential period. It was then when he placed the first footprints in bronze from the hands of children over the stones. Since then, the path with the footprints of the grandchildren and children of the president symbolizes the family connection with the House, which was occupied one day by them.

8. Food and drinks

The accommodation of the family of the president in The White House can be compared as a hotel, because at the end of each month the president will submit the account for food or domestic services. And, as noted by the former manager Harry Walters, all the families of the presidents complain of the high prices. In addition, the president is limited in the choice of drinks. For example, in the White House all the wines that you serve have to be only manufactured in the united states.

7. A city in the basement

For shopping and visit the dentist for the members of the presidential family, it is sufficient to go down to the basement. There, under the northern part of the building are situated shops, bowling, dental offices, flower shops, and bakeries among other services.

6. Secret entrance to the White House

The underground passages between the Treasury and the Department appeared in the 20’s with the aim of protecting the officials in case of an attack armed. During the years of the Second World War it was decided to unite with the eastern part of the White House. Today it is not known if it is used a secret passage, but the entrance to it is always under 24-hour surveillance cameras and is protected with a barrier.

5. Ancient technologies

Until a short time ago in The White House is using old technologies, starting with the organization for the management and ending with the storage of important documents. The slow internet with no Wifi connection, the black and white printers, floppy disks and old cell phones were often the reasons for the delay in the presidential administration.

4. The lectern “Goose”(blue

In the room to the reports of The White House there are two lecterns, one of them is called “Goose blues”. This unique construction is used only for the speech of the president, and in the first place ensures your safety with materials that are bulletproof, for your insual shape and high altitude. Before each report the lectern has to go through a verification careful and she hung the special emblem of the president.

3. Meeting room of the government of the U.S.

Only the president has the right to hold meetings in this room. This right is drawn in a symbolic manner in the armchair presidential, which is higher than that of the other by 5 cm. In addition, under the table is a button “presidential” to take as the switch of a briefcase nuclear. In reality this button is to call the waiter of the president.

2. Holidays

In addition to the luxurious celebrations of weddings, in the White House events are held in more extraordinary. In 1835 president Andrew Johnson organized a “festival of cheese”, where there were more than 10 thousand guests. And in 1975 for Susan Ford, the daughter of the president number 38 of the U.S., was organized the celebration of graduation, the only official history of the residence. The cost of a ticket was approximately 1300 USD.

1. Postal address secret

Due to the large number of references and high levels of security, the president finds it difficult to get personal email. Therefore, in order to receive the mail service, the president provides his or her zip code, which you can give to people nearby. According to this code, the mail after the verification of hazards is delivered on the desk of the president in a very short period of time.

Bonus: the memories about life in the White House

“This is the best public housing I’ve seen.”

Gerald Ford

“The White House is a luxurious prison, a great white grave of ambitions and the home of the taxpayer”.

Harry S. Truman

“Every afternoon after five minutes of that I got involved with bathing, wore my clothingat the laundry or at the dry cleaners. It was not surprising that Ron was called to The White House as a hotel of 8 stars”.

Nancy Reagan

“Jake showed interest in the flowers. He had ideas for the design of the bouquets and if I saw the dried leaves or yellow, was wondering what I need to do. I was very surprised that he had never before shown interest for the landscaping of the house.”

Rose Kennedy

“When we moved to the White House, we could not find our girls on any side. One of the butlers said that they had just call the kitchen and asked for sandwiches to deliver to the bowling center. It Bowling! We were against this and ate these sandwiches with us.”

Barbara Bush

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