9 food Options that any person who wishes to have healthy teeth choose

9 Opciones de alimentos que toda persona que desee tener dientes sanos elegirá

A smile does not cost anything. And better yet if we have white teeth and bright. There’s nothing like that. Today, people spend a fortune on dental treatments, but there is always something in the comfort of your home that you can easily resolve the dental problems.
In Great.guru wanted to tell you about some foods of daily use that you never thought that could be used to help you have the perfect smile.

9. Cheese, jámas chewing gum

The cheese is the solution!!! To be a great source of calcium, it can help you to get rid of the decay. The studies have shown that the level of pH is very important for dental health. It has been observed that the cheese raises the pH above 5.5, which reduces the risk of dental caries.

What chewing gum is to produce saliva, which is good for the teeth. But the bubble gum flavor, in particular, can do much more harm than good to your teeth. People who suffer from some type of pain in the jaw or symptoms of tmd (TMD/TMJ) is also advised to avoid chewing gum. It is always recommended to use foods to replace the feel of this product in your mouth.

8. Turmeric vs Medicines

Stains from turmeric are difficult to remove. This was exactly a kind of dyeing very well-known among our ancestors. Isn’t it hard to believe that you can whiten your teeth?
The science shows that turmeric not only resolves problems of dental hygiene but also serious situations such as toothache, swelling of gums, gingivitis and periodontitis.

The medicines, on the other hand, can provide a temporary relief and may damage the dental health in the long term. The over-use of medications can cause dryness in the mouth and serious problems in your gums.

7. Cucumbers vs Lemons

It is a popular belief that lemons can give you teeth white and shiny. But if you ask your dentist, can tell you that there are serious side effects such as losing the tooth enamel. Then, what is the best alternative? Itcucumbers!

The fiber that would carry the cucumbers you massages the teeth and gums. In addition to this, cucumber juice secreted in the mouth is beneficial for those who suffer from pyorrhea or periodontitis.

You can find lemons in the first options of the list of remedies dental in many places. But here there is also a trap. Can be doing outside work to keep your teeth white, but are also ruining your enamel. Lemons contain acid, which can remove gradually the thin coverage of the enamel on your teeth.

6. Strawberries vs Sweet strawberry

This small red fruit is a wonder among all of its kind! It is said that strawberries are one of the whitening teeth more powerful, which not only act as a good astringent but also are a rich source of vitamin C.
Strawberries can also be used as a cleaner, dental when mixed with sodium bicarbonate. So when you eat strawberries, in addition to enjoy their great taste, also these getting teeth white and healthy.

Candy strawberry or any other sweet should be eaten in moderation, as the sugar in them can cause tooth decay. It is also recommended to brush teeth after eating anything sweet.

5. Tofu vs soft Drinks

A lot of people recommended to eat Tofu for its high levels of calcium and protein. We are going to show you one more benefit of the tofu.

It is said that tofu is a manufacturer of saliva, which helps teeth cleaning. It is also highly alkaline and is a good source of calcium for your teeth.

Add this wonderful protein to your diet not only for the well-being of the teeth, but also for your health in general. In terms of soft drinks, we are sure that you all agree with the fact that they are not good for dental health. Soda not only lead to dental erosion but also to the formation of cavities. These drinks cause a damage to the layer of enamel on your teeth.

4. Green tea vs black Tea

The color of your drink matters! Take, for example, your tea: – the more obscure, the better!

Green tea is rich in polyphenols, which help to fight plaque bacteria. It also helps to stop and control the growth of bacteria in the mouth, prevents in addition to produce the acid that causes tooth decay.

The advantage is that it also eliminates the bad breath. Cheers for this!

Black tea and coffee can cause dental problems. The tea stain teeth due to its high content of tannins.

3. Coconut oil vs Chocolates

The coconut oil may sound strange to the teeth, but it has been shown that it does wonders. The lauric acid present in it is good enough to combat the powerful bacteria present in the mouth, which cause cavities, bad breath and gum disease.

The method involved is called the extraction of oil and requires agitating the oil on the teeth for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, sucks the oil through your teeth slowly, and voila! It is not necessary to bite the oil in the process, just chúpalo and escúpelo.

In addition to dark chocolates, all the others are to blame for dental caries. The white chocolate or the milk chocolate, which have a higher sugar content than cocoa, can lead to tooth decay serious.

2. Celery vs. chips

The celery is fresh and crispy and it is also good for dental health.

The high water content of celery makes it easy to chew for your teeth. These sheets of beautiful colors not only reduce centimeters of your waist, but also will the bacteria present in your mouth.

The celery also helps to remove plaque. If you chew well, you can also clean the grooves between the teeth of the particles that leave the food.

You can’t eat just one! This is valid for your favorite foods. But did you know how deep you can get that cracking sound? The fries are full of starch and, therefore, they are not healthy for the teeth. The starch can get stuck in teeth and cause erosion. Or not the commas or make sure to floss that day.

1. Onions. Yes, seriously!

What onions? Really? Yes, we’re definitely emphasizing the fact that the onions act as cleaners and dental whitening.

Can take your breath away, but the compounds of sulphur present in onions help to prevent the formation of plaque. All you need to do is to chew some raw onions. It is also said that rubbing onions on your teeth can help to remove the pain of toothaches.

The teeth improve our smile and we should treat them with care. Do you have more tips for dental health? Share them with us in the comments below.

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