9 Reasons little obvious that it is great to get up early

Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, every day begins to conquer the world, while the rest are still sleeping. This rule is followed by many successful people. According to science, early to rise can have a number of positive effects not only on your productivity, but in the whole body and emotional state.

Great.guru has collected a number of good reasons that you’ll convince to take a decision in favor of the awakening in the early hours.

Resources for the full awakening

Taking a cold shower in the morning or drinking a cup of coffee, still does not wake you fully, no matter how fresh you feel after the daily ritual. It is all due to the call inertia of the sleep, which lasts 2 to 4 hours after awakening. At that time, mindful attention, memory and reaction are unproductive: they need time to disperse and to begin work in its entirety.

Better sleep

Scientists have discovered that if people practice waking up early, the quality of your sleep is much greater than those who rise late. People who sleep in late more often also suffer from sleep disorders. In addition, their bodies do not reach them the hours of sleep, even if its duration is longer than the early birds.

Get up without suffering

It is better to get used to a full awakening when the alarm clock sounds for the first time to postpone it infinitely. 5 times for 5 minutes does not increase your dream, just need to disrupt your cycle. As a result, you won’t feel vigorous after awakening, and in the course of the day, you will feel attracted by a nap.

Good physical condition

The habit of postponing the alarm is detrimental not only to your sleep, but also alters your metabolism and leads to obesity. An important motivation: instead of following lying in bed, it is best that you use this time to keep in shape.

Less procrastination

Research scientists have confirmed that the majority of the procrastinadores they start to perform their tasks for the night. For those who rise early, the evening hours are reserved exclusively for sleeping, and the morning, by contrast, is freed for more important matters. When you get used to getting up early, already at the beginning of the day, you’ll be able to take a weight that falls on the shoulders of the procrastinadores until the end.

More motivation

No one is so motivated and so ready to perform the assigned tasks as a fan of waking up early. An experiment scientist confirms: you by lifting more early, you give yourself time to prepare for the work, determine your goals, both short and long term and understand what exactly is your task.

Higher learning

The people who get up in the early hours of the day, they show the best results of learning. The scientists explained quite easy: thanks to the early wake up, it is much easier to get to class on time. You’re less concerned about the external circumstances, and you can prepare properly for the process of learning.

More good habits

Studies show that the awakenings of late are the result of a tendency to bring a night life, which is often associated with all kinds of bad habits. Awakenings early offer you not only forgo the nightlife and the temptations associated with it, but also to replace them with healthy habits in the morning.

Greater happiness

The mental state and happiness of a person depend on when he begins his day. Studies show that people who wake up early have an emotional state more stable. Those who are used to going to sleep late and wake up around noon, more frequently suffer from mood changes and even depression.

What time do you wake up yourself?

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