9 main Rules of the tag of English to be as elegant as an agent of “Kingsman”

According to the definition from the Oxford Dictionary, etiquette is a set of rules that denote a conduct educated. However, not only refer to behaviors, manners, but also to knowledge and skills that help to maintain dignity in any situation, being polite and with an impeccable appearance.

Great.guru shows you the main rules of etiquette that will help you to look stylish and fascinate the world around you.

1. The greeting

A correct greeting is very important. After all, is what makes the first impression. Therefore, it pays to know the following rules:

  • The handshake should be quick, without hold nor attract the hand of the other person towards you. Respects the personal space of your partner. Patting on the shoulder, even to a good friend, it is considered a lack of tact.
  • Saluting a lady, the man can make a slight inclination.

2. The deal

  • Punctuality is key. You should go to the meetings on time or a little before. If a delay is unavoidable, then it is necessary to let them know and apologize.
  • Do compliments often. It’s nice for your partner and show off your best qualities. Among them, the observation, the ability to perceive detail, and genuine interest in another person.

3. Be presented to men and women

The rules of etiquette require that, in this process, there is an intermediary. For example, a friend in common, that you can go to the man or woman asking you to submit.

4. Dress

An appropriate dress can generate confidence and attract others. In addition, it is not necessary to buy costumes expensive. For example, in the masculine style, the most important thing is to take care of the shoes, which must be in perfect conditions, and choose properly the jacket:

According to the rules of etiquette of masculine style, the bottom button of the jacket should be unbuttoned. It is also important to choose a jacket according to your needs and your physique:

The style feminine also follows the rule that “a suit well-settled”. Traditionally, students are advised to choose a bottom dark (long skirt) and the top clear (a jacket, blouse, etc.). This combination emphasizes the figure, provides modesty and elegance.

5. To the bureau, during a visit

If you were invited to a place with unknown people at the table, you should not start to speak until they are introduced to each other. Otherwise it is considered bad manners.

  • Pay attention to your hands. Do not put them on the table in any way, hold them on your lap. The same thing happens with the phone. Putting it to the table only reveal how little you are interested in the conversation.

6. In a restaurant

If before you go to a restaurant you pronounce the phrase “I invite you”, then pay you the account. And if the phrase is “we’re going to a restaurant entails that each pay for his own.

There is a large amount of accessories that are available in a restaurant, although it is not necessary to know them all, there are some basics that are worth remembering because you will be of tremendous utility:

1. Napkin (it extends on the knees). 2. Fork for salad. 3. Fork. 4. Dish. 5. Dish for salad. 6. Knife. 7. Spoon for tea/coffee 8. Soup spoon. 9. Cup and saucer (for dessert). 10. Cup for white wine. 11. Cup for red wine. 12. Cup for the water. 13. Spoon of dessert. 14. Dessert fork. 15. Knife for dessert. 16. Plate for the bread.

It is also important to know how to finish properly a meal and know how to give signal to the waiter.

7. How to fill a glass and drink

  • For women, it is important to ensure that the lipstick will not leave stains on the cup. Before drinking, it is best to apply a napkin on the lips.
  • Seated at the table, each wine is served by your account. The man, to demonstrate good manners, you must first offer the wine to the ladies.
  • Don’t fill the cup up to the edge, especially if it is wine. For that, take it to the mouth, do not pour the drink on it accidentally.

9. And most importantly: how to take tea properly

In accordance with the rules of etiquette and good manners, to get to know better a person and get a good conversation, is invited to take tea. Don’t deny it, because the hosts may consider your refusal as an insult. The important thing is to know the following rules:

  • The cup of tea is holding by the handle, and with one hand, while the other hand holds the saucer. It is considered vulgar to hold the cup with both hands, leaving the saucer on the table.

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