9 Rules and tricks that you must take into account when choosing the underwear

To think that you just need to combine your underwear when you’re going to have sex is a mistake that many women make. Bring a nice set of lingerie makes us feel sexy, gives us confidence in ourselves and we climb the self-esteem. In addition, if we choose correctly, can durarnos for life.

Play with touch, let yourself be carried by the embroideries, the seduction of the colors or the feeling of that material traveling along your skin. Choose a set with which you feel beautiful and comfortable.

9 Reglas y trucos que hay que tener en cuenta a la hora de elegir la ropa interior
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These are the 9 basic rules to choose correctly the clothes inside

1 – The lingerie is part of your outfit, combine with the rest of your outfit

You’ll be much more beautiful and you will feel more secure.

2 – The thongs no longer wear, the culottes have gained all the attention

In addition to enhance the rear and make it more beautiful, they are even more comfortable than thongs.

3 – when in doubt choose always the color black

Black is the color of elegance. It is sensual and bold, one of the colors with which you will feel more sexy.

9 Reglas y trucos que hay que tener en cuenta a la hora de elegir la ropa interior
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4 – Choose bralettes nice to be able to use under your sheer blouses

Wear bralettes and teach the lingerie is trend for several seasons. A see-through blouse with a bralette underneath of the same color is a perfect choice.

5 – The silk never fails

It takes decades for us and remains one of the tissues most sensual for the evenings.

6 – Avoid over mixing colors or prints

The same happens with the clothes of the day-to-day, mix up prints and colours in the sets of lingerie is not a good idea.

7 – bodys are a perfect option and very sexy

If you can’t find a set nice, opt for the bodys. Currently draw designs beautiful and very sexy.

9 Reglas y trucos que hay que tener en cuenta a la hora de elegir la ropa interior
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8 – take a chance and choose garments that you never thought that you were to put

Looking for corsets or garters , and risks from time to time. Use the same sets will aburriéndote, innovate from time to time you will generate greater confidence.

9 – do Not try to please anyone, you dress for you to like solely you

Always remember this rule. Should you wear for you to like you and no one else. No person you should say what you need to know.

With these tips, the next time you go to buy underwear, don’t think twice. If your problem is knowing how to choose well the size, I encourage you to read “How to choose the right fastener right?”.

Do you put these 9 rules in practice? It let us know in the comments!

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