9 Puzzle that no one has been able to resolve up to the time

The encryption codes exist to hide information very valuable and able to keep secrets. And if someone comes to decrypt any of them, you can learn about a mystery of some person or find information about a treasure or on an entire civilization. There are, however, messages from centuries ago remain unresolved.

From Brilliant.guru we bring you the 9 cases of encrypted messages more unusual that they contain some mystery.

1. Code Serafini

This is the book written in the late ’70s by the Italian architect Luigi Serafini. It is an atlas of an imaginary world where the 360 pages described every detail of his existence, beginning with the language, history, amusement, and ending with the architecture, the fauna and the laws of nature own of this world.

The mystery of this book is that the text is encrypted and no one has been able to decrypt so far. The author of the book is still alive, but refuses to confirm if this language is real. One of versions says that this book captures the perception of the world as seen by the children. Here you can see the book and try to understand it.

2. Messages of the Zodiac

The Zodiac was a serial killer who tormented the people of San Francisco during the years 1968 and 1969.

He claimed that they were going to find out your name only if deciphering the 4 parts of your encryption, that had been sent to the police station. Detectives were able to decrypt only 3. The last 18 characters remain a mystery. It is possible that just this part contains the name of the killer.

3. Cryptograms of Beale

In 1822 such a Thomas J. Beale gave a box with a key to the owner of a hotel and asked him to tend it well. After this, he disappeared without leaving any trace. Only in 1843 opened the box. There were 3 sheets of paper with encrypted messages inside with some annotations of the content. The first sheet contained the coordinates, the second, the content and the third, the names of the heirs.

Could only understand the second sheet. Speaking of “three wagons full of gold” that are supposedly in the state of Virginia somewhere in the district of Bedford. Currency contemporary it is estimated that the amount of the treasure is 30 billion USD. The two remaining sheets up to the present have not been deciphered.

4. Code of Dorabella

Edward Elgar, a composer and cryptologist English, sent him a letter-encoded (87 characters) to his friend Dorabella Penny. The message contains a few symbols that look like springs. However, the girl was not able to decrypt it.

40 years later, she published it in his memoirs, which drew a lot of attention from the public. There is a version according to which the message encritpado is a melody which Elgar dedicated to the young.

5. Kryptos

Kryptos is a sculpture of copper, to the side of the house matrix of the CIA in Langley, Virginia. The artist James Sanborn added a message encrypted of 4 parts. Sanborn mentioned that you were able to read the message only if it is decrypted all parts of the same.

Until today managed to decrypt 3 of the 4 parts. Despite the effort of the best cryptographers in the world during the past 20 years, the meaning of the fourth part continues without seeing the light.

6. Encryption of Shabboro

In Staffordshire (Great Britain) there is a monument of the EIGHTEENTH century reflects the events of the work of Nicolas Poussin “The shepherds of Arcadia”. If we look more closely we can find a sequence rare of letters: DOUOSVAVVM, a code that for more than 250 years have not been able to decipher.

Many made their attempts to find the answer, including Charles Darwin and Charles Dickens, but without success. Some cryptographers believe that this could be a clue to the templars indicating the location of the Holy Grail.

7. Gold bars of general Wang

In 1993, the general Wang of Shanghai received a packet of 7 bars of gold, each of which had a few coded messages. The encryption of the bars is composed of hieroglyphics, chinese, and cryptograms in Latin.

Until today nothing is known of the sender of this packet, the content of the message has not been decrypted.

8. Code of Ricky McCormick

In June 1999, in a field of corn in Missouri was found the body of Ricky McCormick, a 41-year-old. The cops found two messages are rare in their pockets with texts encrypted. Not even the experts of the CIA were able to decrypt the messages. 12 years later, with the hope of help, the police published the documents on the Internet. Until today nobody was able with the code of the messages.

9. Case “Tamam Shud”

On December 1, 1948 on one of the beaches of Australia was found the body of a man. All his clothes were without tags and in a hidden pocket of his coat. The cops found a piece of paper with the words “Tamam Shud”, which means “end”.

A little later, detectives found a book of Persian poetry, of which it was plucked this little bit and found an encrypted message. However, were never able to solve who had been the man, nor the meaning of the message.

Bonus: the code of Bacon

Francis Bacon was a philosopher, historian and writer of English. He created a two-letter code called the code of Bacon. With his help, hid in the different text messages.

There is the so-called theory baconiana, according to which it was Bacon himself who published all of the texts under the name of Shakespeare. The evidence of this theory are the facts of the biography of Bacon, as well as his signature, found in the works of Shakespeare.

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