9 Theories strange and controversial assort what was known until now

In the world of science, scientists do not give anything for granted and try to consider all the possible answers to a problem to be able to find the truth, even if these can seem something crazy or even go against popular belief.

Today, numerous theories, that were very controversial in their time, have been able to be proven by science, so it is logical to think that in order to make discoveries complex we have a very open mind and think that everything is possible.

Here are some of the theories that are most controversial that have been finally supported by science:

1 – The transfer of the Alzheimer’s

9 Teorías extrañas y controvertidas que desmontan lo que se conocía hasta ahora
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The onset of Alzheimer’s disease has been firmly associated to the accumulation of a certain type of protein in the brain. For this reason it has been theorized for a long time about the possibility of Alzheimer’s that could be transferred by accident to another person by means of transplantation of brain tissue “sick”.

Unfortunately, a recent study indicates that it is likely that this is possible and highlights the need to perform a more rigorous assessment of the donor.

The study determinant examined the brain tissue of 8 patients who died of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which is known that it was transmitted by grafts of nervous tissue that received the patients. Seven of them showed the accumulation of the protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease in their brains at the time of his death.

2 – Theory of scattering by leap of Darwin

9 Teorías extrañas y controvertidas que desmontan lo que se conocía hasta ahora

The theory of evolution of Darwin has generated controversy since it first appeared. And while it is true that the general concept of natural selection is scientific support, there are some hypothesis that secondary that have not been so well received, as for example the way in which Darwin explained the similarity between certain species, despite being separated by oceans.

Darwin called this theory “scattering by jump“. This theory holds that certain agencies were able to find the way to cross the ocean in one way or another. This could include plates of ice, algae or accumulations of wood.

Despite how far-fetched that might seem, a model made by a computer designed to compare this theory with the more accepted (the migration of some species when the continents were still united) found that the model scatter for jump was just as possible in terms of statistical probability.

3 – Existence of the multiverse

9 Teorías extrañas y controvertidas que desmontan lo que se conocía hasta ahora
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In 2014, we conducted an experiment that seemed to confirm the existence of gravitational waves by the detection of waves is incredibly tiny in space-time.

The researchers postulated that if the existence of gravitational waves could be confirmed by an additional study, may prove the theory of inflation cosmic, which could constitute strong circumstantial evidence of the possible existence of the multiverse.

Almost all models of inflation cosmic (the gradual expansion of the universe), let that be eternal, and suggests that our observable universe is only a small segment of a much bigger space. They also argue that the Big Bang would not have been a unique event, but that it could have happened on several occasions.

An infinite number of universes could exist within the multiverse, many of which may have physical laws completely different.

4 – what is a fullerene?

9 Teorías extrañas y controvertidas que desmontan lo que se conocía hasta ahora
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Fullerenes, commonly called “buckyballs“, are structures of carbon hollow in the shape of footballs. These structures are formed naturally at a molecular level. The most accepted theory holds that these clusters are formed by the union of atom to atom. The theory most controversial to the contrary suggests that they are the result of the breakdown of atomic structures larger.

Interestingly, the theory is less supported for the first time a backup is quite important after they have discovered two new versions, asymmetric of these fullerenes formed from larger structures.

This is a very important discovery due to the prevalence of these structures in the investigations that are being conducted in medicine today.

Without going more far, the radioactive ions contained in the fullerenes have been shown to be very promising to finish with the cancer cells without damaging healthy tissue. The ability to produce these microstructures of carbon in mass could have an effect is really striking in multiple fields of medicine.

5 – An ocean in the interior of the Earth

9 Teorías extrañas y controvertidas que desmontan lo que se conocía hasta ahora
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The discovery of a small piece of ore called ringwoodita has practically confirmed the ridiculed theory that there is an ocean under the surface of the Earth. The only other place where it has been found ringwoodita naturally has been in the meteorites.

The studies suggest that the mineral group olivine become ringwoodita when they are subjected to intense pressures in the Earth’s mantle.

The discovery of a sample of natural test not only the theory that there is an ocean down there, but its volume could compete with the combined volume of all the oceans of the Earth.

6 – hunters hunted

9 Teorías extrañas y controvertidas que desmontan lo que se conocía hasta ahora

In 2005, anthropology professor Robert Sussman released his book, Man The Hunted, in which proposed that humanity has evolved to be prey instead of hunters and subsisting mainly on vegetables, leaving the hunt for only when he had a favorable opportunity.

The book raised quite a stir by challenging the old paradigm on human development, however, his theory is strongly supported by the fossil record and the behavior of animals and primates to modern.

There are numerous tests which confirm that the human intelligence and cooperation may have evolved to outwit the predators. In addition, fossil records indicate that human ancestors were low and with few teeth planes, suggesting that they were more adapted for the collection and consumption of plant foods that for hunting.

In addition, the consumption of meat in decomposition and cannibalism are virtually non-existent in the world of primates. Sussman believes that the ideology, judeo-christian man as “a natural killer” was the cause of this erroneous conception.

7 – Early colonizers of the Americas

9 Teorías extrañas y controvertidas que desmontan lo que se conocía hasta ahora

According to the conventional interpretation of how the Americas came to be populated, a lowering of the water level made possible the emergence of a “bridge”, a stretch of land that connected Asia and Alaska. In this way, the first colonists would have followed the new tongue of land, and would have populated North America.

However, an archaeological discovery recently made in the East coast could dismantle this idea completely.

Stone tools very similar to those elaborated by the solutrenses (culture that inhabited Western Europe during the Stone Age) were discovered and dated to thousands of years before it could appear the bridge of the previous theory.

The defenders of the “theory of the Soultrean” suggest that some european migrants could have followed the polar ice as it expanded during the ice age to reach North America.

8 – sympatric speciation

9 Teorías extrañas y controvertidas que desmontan lo que se conocía hasta ahora
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In modern thinking, a basic principle of evolution is that there must be a geographical separation in order to produce speciation, that is to say, the splitting of a species into two or more.

What is certain is that it is a theory that has been the subject of debate for decades, because there are also those who defend the theory of “speciation sympatric”, which can occur within the same geographic area.

Interestingly, the discovery of a new species of ant in the brazilian could prove once again that the prevailing opinion is not always correct.

Discovered on a university campus in Sao Paulo, these ants belong to a kind “sister” to the gender local cultivators of fungi. The species newly discovered would be made up of ants of smaller size which have developed wings and simply dedicate themselves to stealing and eating the fungi cultivated by their “sisters”.

9 – The theory of Luca Turin about the smell

9 Teorías extrañas y controvertidas que desmontan lo que se conocía hasta ahora
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Biophysicist Luca Turin argues that the sense of smell humans can detect isotopes, that is to say, differences in the molecular vibration.

In a study in which we used ciclopentadecanona, a substance that has 28 molecules of hydrogen interchangeable, the team of Turin found that volunteers were able to detect a change in the smell when more than half of these molecules were rearranged.

This is the most important evidence to date that would support the theory that the sense of odour is not a physical mechanism but one quantum, with a few olfactory receptors tuned to the vibrational spectrum of the molecules rather than their shape, a behavior completely new to molecular biology.

What you have seemed to these theories as controvérsicas? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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