9 Tricks easy to incorporate the sport into your life without stress

There are people who were born to do sports. And there are people that simple idea changed three times per week to go to the gym I generate so much stress that even attempt it.

But the sport is good for health, regardless of the type of person you are.

Great.guru shares with you a series of tricks for that, if you belong to the second group, you can do sport without stress.

1. Seen walking to work

It is possible that for a matter of time or convenience, used to go to work by car, train or bus.

But if the distance between your home and your place of work is not excessively large, you can opt to go for a walk.

For example, if your work is twenty blocks from your house, if you go and you walk, throughout the day you will have walked 4 miles. Don’t you think that’s worth?

2. Ride in bike

When you have free time, be it at the back of the work or on the weekends, you may go for a bike ride.

The key to your strength of will accompany you is to take this activity as a fun one: do not go to do exercise, go out to stroll.

And sure you like to go for a walk, right? Then… do it on a bike!

3. Practiced with the bike

If the mere idea of biking sounds like a mission impossible, you get a stationary bike and start exercising just 5 minutes per day during the first few days. In the four-day, increasing this amount to 10 minutes, then 15 and so, little by little, you will notice that you like to move and want to do it outdoors.

4. Walking next to someone

If near your house you have a park, you can arrange with a family member or a friend to go walking.

Instead of getting together in a cafe to talk, get together in the park. So, talk while you walk.

In this way, you will have accomplished two things:

  • You will have exercised without realizing it, because you have a distraction
  • You may have put up with your walking partner

5. Walking up and down stairs

If you live in a building of several floors, and you live in one of the high floors, the elevator is a temptation, isn’t it?

Here you can introduce a small change: instead of the elevator, choose the stairs. This you can do it gradually to not demand more, because if you’re used to the elevator, climb stairs nine floors, all of a sudden, it can be harmful.

The first day you can go up two floors by stairs, and then take the elevator. The second day, the floors are three.

So, until your body gets used to it.

6. Walking by your office

If you work all day in an office, you probably spend many hours sitting.

One option is to walk into the office, as long as it is possible.

For example: if you must talk on the phone for several minutes, why don’t you do walking? You will have exercised without realizing it, because your attention was focused on the conversation.

7. Play with your pet

Do you have a dog that every time you leave your ball on your legs while you stare and you move the tail?

Here you can do two things: to feel much love for your dog, and throw the ball. When you play with your dog will put you in motion, and although it may seem somewhat minimal, it is best to stay seated.

And your dog will be happy!

8. Re-save the pots in the cupboard… again and again

Here it does not matter if your pantry is perfectly organized: the goal is to do exercise.


Easy: when you remove and re-saving the pots in your cupboard, you’ll be exercising your arms, your back, your abdomen, and if the cupboard is high, also your legs. You can also use pans and everything you have on hand.

And there will be no kitchen more tidy than yours!

9. Spend more time in the yard doing gardening

Surely, when you see the image, you’ve wondered: “But what the heck are you talking about?”. What happens is that, for a person who leads a sedentary lifestyle, start jogging in the morning from one day to another can be extremely difficult, so you have to find an activity that is not stressful for the organism.

If you have a yard, a garage, or a balcony, you even have a great advantage, because you can combine a hobby as rewarding to you as it is gardening with exercise. Even if you don’t have anything of the above, you can begin growing plants in your kitchen. Prepare the pots, the substrate for planting, water the crops and your care journal can also serve you to burn calories and provide a first step towards a more active lifestyle.

You already know: exercise without stress it is very easy: you just need to use your imagination and the resources that you have at your fingertips. Here you do not exercise, who does not want to!

Do you exercise or just want to get started? It tell us about how you are going with this!

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