These 12 people, they matter a cucumber the TWENTY-first century: they are happy living in the past

While some will rejoice when they launch to the market the latest model of a smartphone, and eagerly waiting the appearance of the humanoid robots, there are those who see nothing good in the new millennium. gives you to see those people who decided to ignore this, our century, and to return to the past.

Dita von Teese

Perhaps she is the diva retro with the most fame, who never abandons his image of pin-up girl, the queen, burlesque and fan of the fashion of the 1950s, Dita von Teese.

Miss Victory Violet

He was born in New Zealand, but his devotion made her move to London, where his career as a model, pin-up and stylist retro began to rise as the foam.

Your world is delivered to the fashion of the decade of the 1950’s, with skirts voluminous and hairstyles intricate.

Tom Carradine To Star It

Tom is a singer, musician and director of a music group vintage london.

Frequently, she opts for clothing of the early decades of the TWENTIETH century, which actively supports his wife. But his son, for the moment, prefer to contemporary models.

Lady Eccentrik

Another representative of the style pin-up Lady Eccentrik, who calls herself a “Pin-up doll jamaican-british”. This beauty with brown skin not only pose for magazines, but is also the manager of the musician, Nesbeth.

Perran Creevey

A fan of the fashion of the NINETEENTH century and early TWENTIETH centuries, the “nerd neoeduardiano” Australia test yourself images of all the social classes of the time: from the vandals stray to the gentlemen of high society.

Colleen Darnell

Colleen is not only a fond of retro fashion, but also to study seriously the history of Egypt and decrypts symbols of Ancient Egypt. Of course, his whole life passes wrapped in costumes of the twenties.

Tom van het Hof

This tailor Dutch is obsessed by the fashion of our ancestors. He creates all these costumes retro for him and carries them with pleasure in your daily life.

Noortje Laan

Another representative of the Netherlands is the florist Noortje Laan, that you can’t imagine your life without costumes vintage era of the 1940s and 1950s.


A Swedish fan to the fashion of the first half of the TWENTIETH century which not only collects rare photos of those times, but which is also frequently test images of the time.

Fraeulein Fledermaus

Together with her husband, @AbraVintage, Fraeulein changed the time and now lives “in the world of silent film, in black-and-white”.

Olga Jonarska

A fan of the fashion of the late NINETEENTH century and early TWENTIETH century shows a special concern for all that relates to that time.

Birthe Weijkamp

Birthe is a historian of the world of fashion, Amsterdam. In your daily life also opt for the attire own of the years ’30 and ’40s of the last century.

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