Number of complaints around helpdesk-fraudsters take to

Microsoft has announced that the number of reports around con artists masquerading as helpdesk employees of the company in the past year, 24 percent. In total, the worldwide 153.000 complaints.

In about 15 percent of the cases , there is actually money afgetroggeld, amounts which, on average, between 200 and 400 dollars fluctuate. But the financial damage could be much higher, as with a Dutchman who 89.000 euro poorer. Earlier it was already known that in the Netherlands, through this practice for approximately 7 million euro was seized.

In this type of scam, you get a spontaneous phone call from someone who pretends to be a Microsoft employee. One has so-called problems found on your computer and you want to help there as well. But actually, they try to persuade you to spyware download or a web form to fill out, so you bank account details can scam.

You can these fraudsters under more recognize to the often poor English, and the fact that the real Microsoft you never just calling. You get a phone call from the company, then you know immediately that the wrong quantity. It is also recommended to fast to hang.


According to Microsoft’s awareness is the best solution for this problem. Recently brought the tv program Highlighted?! the subject, also wide under the attention. Dutch authorities were also a advertising campaign started, to pc to warn users.

Microsoft itself is looking for the cooperation with parties such as browser-makers, antivirusfabrikanten, police, and hosting providers. According to the company, the tech industry in this area work closely together, so that in the future there will be less casualties.

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