Grandfather Russian 72-year-old breaks the hearts of women on Instagram

Boris Dunaevski, a retired 72-year-old from the Russian city of Khabarovsk, having survived the cancer. And after this, it changed his life drastically. In adore this kind of stories and we just couldn’t ignore it.

The changes modified the style of the man and the interior of your home. Now the wardrobe of the lord Dunaevski has only clothes of famous brands: from Dolce & Gabbana to Gucci. The man cleverly combines garments different and their tastes are enviable. “Fashion is not eternal, the style yes,” says the lord. “I buy basic garments. Are always current,” he says.

Grandpa with style gives much importance to the accessories: hats, hats, belts and lenses. According to him, are that complements their looks.

Boris ensures that she makes all the purchases for your account, and that your secret is in knowing how to manage their resources. Most of the things you get on in sales of the collections of old, when discounts reach the maximum.

The income of Boris consists of a pension (278$) and a few jobs extra: all this allows you to buy trendy clothes. Although lately the situation has changed a little and for the moment does not have the resources sufficient for purchases.

In 2 years, Boris became your department is typical in a true masterpiece. Now it looks like a medieval castle.

Boris loves the renaissance style, so that in his house he used the right decorations: golden chandeliers on the walls, furniture and aged portraits of the time in each corner.

Boris loves to spend the evenings reading or watching movies. In addition to fashion, the man is aware of the modern devices. He uses all kinds of apps for your smartphone: for example, the app “Pedometer” will help take care of your health.

The moderation in food and physical activity is the secret that helps you to look ten years younger of your age.

A year ago, Boris began to take an account of Instagram, where happy to share the photos of their outfits everyday. This retired with so much style you already have about a thousand of subscribers that don’t skimp compliments to him.

Boris doesn’t care about at all the stares that judge, or gossip of the people. He lives as he wants and enjoys with the joy of each day.

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