What goodbye to Batfleck? Rumors indicate that Affleck will not be Batman

The rumors that have emerged around the actors that make up the Justice League, have caused thousands of fans to begin to question what’s going to happen with them, because now he is commenting that Ben Affleck will not be Batman.

These comments began to be issued from the actor’s entry to rehab to control and stop their addiction to alcohol, and continued to grow with the news that Henry Cavill also stop being Superman.

However, that was not all, as a recent note of Variety have been given to understand that Ben Affleck will not be Batman, this means that it has left the door open for Warner Bros. hire a substitute to be her new Man-Bat.

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Said means stated that after not getting the desired success with the tapes of Batman and Superman, are looking for new players that will inject energy to the characters, and thus, the projects:

“After the disappointment of the collection of The Justice League, Warner Bros. has been reevaluating its approach to the making of films based on the characters of DC Comics. The study is not moving forward with movies of Batman and Superman with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, respectively. It is expected that the Dark Knight is played by a different actor”.

If this outside little, it has been said that the new director of the ribbon of the Knight of the Night, Matt Reeves, brought to Afleck’s script, since it fits with the story you are writing, which she considers to be an actor much younger to play a Batman with less experience.

Knows the relationship that could have The Joker and Thomas Wayne

The name that has arisen for the new position is that of Jack O’ Connell, but nothing is said yet, since neither Warner Bros., or Ben Affleck have come out to issue any comment, but if so, how would you like this new Batman?

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