Goodbye iPhone X: Apple stops its production

Was already concocting lies for several months, everything seemed to indicate that this year, Apple couldn’t continue its catalog the iPhone X, that is to say, would cease to produce it, and although many said that the speculation had no sustenance, because everything seems to indicate that the arrival of the new iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr have marked the final death of the iPhone X.

As mentioned by GSMArena, one of the specialized sites more important of the United Kingdom, where it clarifies that both the iPhone X and the iPhone 6s and the iPhone have been discontinued, still the iPhone X one of the few products (along with the iPhone 5c) which are disposed during their first year of life.

The iPhone Xr could be the culprit

The iPhone economy has been one of the major products expected this year, and it is significantly cheaper than the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, sufficient reason for which Apple expects a high demand for this model, and thus its launch will be until October, when they will have inventory sufficient to meet the demand of the public.

And is that as you already know, every year, when Apple launches a new iPhone model, the previous version is low price, but this year it seems that Apple would have had a small impact on its profit margins by selling the iPhone X at a reduced price, since the cost of the materials would probably not have diminished considerably.

Are there innovations that are worthwhile in the new iPhone?

For this reason it was thought at the iPhone Xr, because the cost of production would generate more profit for Apple in comparison with the iPhone X.

Goodbye to the version of “Special Edition”

As already mentioned, in addition to the iPhone X and the iPhone 6s, the iPhone IS (Special Edition) is discontinued, which generates a profound sense of sadness among fans, because it was assumed that this year would have a second version of this device, though it ended up being the iPhone Xr and not the iPhone 2.

This means that if you have an iPhone, then this could have an important value in a few years, because it almost become a team coveted by collectors, especially if you find it sealed. and Partners.

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