Hobbies unusual of the members of the royal family probably did not know

In 2017, the queen Elisabeth II, 92-year-old, held almost 300 meetings and officers, and her husband, the duke of Edinburgh, attended 22 219 events since 1952 before retiring. Admit it, these are incredible numbers. You would be surprised to know that, having an agenda as tight, the members of the royal family have their hobbies. Each of them has special hobbies. For example, can you guess who of the family of the monarch is the president of several clubs colombicultura and who is a professional photographer?

Great.guru raises the curtain on the personal lives of the british most recognisable. We will teach you what the members of the royal family in his free time.

Charles, prince of Wales

For many years, the prince of Wales has had a series of activities. The eldest son of the queen of Great Britain has an impressive collection of paintings that he painted himself. The crown prince plays polo, and even is the author of books on architecture, gardening and painting. In addition, the prince of Wales writes scripts for documentary films on ecology. In the list of personal achievements is also the author of the children’s book The Old Man of Lochnagar. However, the main passion of prince Charles is organic gardening.

The gardens of the prince are more than just a hideout from the daily routine, represent a philosophy of life. These are landscapes, ecological specimens that blend perfectly with the surrounding nature. It is curious that, in the beginning, when the prince began to devote himself to the cultivation of his first garden at his estate Highgrove, the british public received the idea with irony. However, today, almost 30 years later, the heir to the throne is recognized as the undisputed authority in matters of gardening.

William, duke of Cambridge

It is no secret that the duke of Cambridge, William, worked for several years as a pilot of ambulance service british in Norfolk. In addition to the love for the helicopters, the future king experiences a weakness for television, and his favorite series is the historical drama Downton Abbey. But the main passion of William is the sport.

For many years, the grandson of Elizabeth II, he participated in competitions of rowing, horse riding, hockey, tennis and skiing, as well as in competitions of polo is considered the sport of the elite, which combines elements of hockey and horse riding. In 2006, prince William became president of the Football Association of England. Being an active athlete and fanatic faithful of the football club of Birmingham “Aston Villa”, the duke of Cambridge expressed the desire to attract as many children as possible to this sport.

Catherine, duchess of Cambridge

Every day, the british newspapers are filled with pictures of monarchs. However, the images taken by Kate Middleton have a reputation especially among the guild of professional photographers. The family photos of the duchess were published on many global media, and most of the official portraits of their children were made by herself, without going to professional photography. Kate Middleton has been learning the art of photography since 2008.

By the way, the enthusiasm of Kate was featured by the Royal Photographic Society who recognised his talent as a photographer. In recognition of his achievements, the Duchess received a lifetime membership in the Society.

Harry, duke of Sussex

Prince Harry, like his older brother, William, is fond of many sports, including polo and rugby. But, unlike William, Harry dedicated his personal time not only to sports, but to the charity. After graduating from Eton College, the prince of 19 years went to Africa, where he was impressed by the life of the orphans of the state of Lesotho. The complicated situation of the children led to Harry not only to make a documentary about them, but also to found his own charitable organization. The foundation supports children infected with HIV and AIDS. Today, the duke of Sussex is dedicated to disseminating information about these diseases among the population of the countries of the third world.

It is worth mentioning that, prior to his wedding, prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle asked the guests that instead of gifts, make donations to charities. The couple chose 7 charitable foundations like-minded.

Meghan, duchess of Sussex

The majority of students in institutions of higher education, in addition to fulfilling the basic tasks, try to take the time to earn money. As a student of the Northwestern University of Chicago, Meghan Markle was no exception. To get to the end of the month, the future duchess of Sussex, she learned calligraphy, applying their artistic skills in the design and teaching of other people.

Long before her meeting with prince Harry, Meghan Markle worked at Paper Source — a small shop specializing in the sale of decorative paper and office supplies specialist. The main work of Meghan was to create invitation cards for special events. Often, his customers were famous. Then, in 2005, Markle made wedding invitations for Robin Thicke and Paula Patton.

Philip, duke of Edinburgh

The spouse of the queen of Great Britain, the duke of Edinburgh, Philip, has a lot of skills. Among his hobbies are: linograbado, painting landscapes, fishing, design, restoration and even creation of jewelry. The duke was the designer of the jewel that he gave to queen Elizabeth II as a gift for your fifth wedding anniversary.

Before retiring to a well deserved rest, the prince was playing regularly at the polo and took part in competitions of horse-drawn carriages. By the way, this sport became popular due to the duke of Edinburgh. All his life, prince Philip was fond of the navigation of yachts, at the beginning of the years 50 received the certificate of pilot and until his 70th birthday, had managed to accumulate more than 5 000 hours of flight time.

Queen Elizabeth II

And the last on our list is queen Elizabeth II. The hobby main of the ruling monarch is the breeding of race-horses. According to the experts, thanks to this hobby, in recent years, His Majesty has been able to earn more than 9 million dollars. In addition, the queen is president of several clubs colombicultura. The queen has more than 200 pigeons that live in a penthouse built especially for them valued at 60 billion USD.

Between the interests of the queen are: the breeding of dogs, horse-riding, photography and, of course, travel. Elizabeth II travels actively through their territory, but they also often visit other countries in the world. The monarch has in his account more than 325 travel to 130 countries.

If you were a member of the royal family, what hobby would you choose?

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