Now yes you can already enjoy your Tamagotchi on Android and iOS!

If something taught us about the true meaning of responsibility, it was Tamagotchi, a virtual pet that required some care. If you despegabas a little of your pet, corrías the risk of dying for lack of food or attention. All the children of the decade of the 90, had the opportunity to experiment with one of these pets that were kept contained in a small device.

Since some months ago, the announcement of the arrival of Tamagotchi to mode application generated a great deal of commotion and everything seems to indicate that today was the chosen day for which the users will enjoy this new experience in which the virtual pet has the possibility of exploring a whole city, the countryside, and many other landscapes. In the style of Pet Society, you’ll be able to decorate an entire home your way and get to know other friends who are also playing with your Tamagotchi.

In addition, if you are sufficiently responsible and let your pet develop healthily, you can direct it to play to their talents; from being a musician, to be a school teacher or detective.

The game is completely free, but if you want to invest real money to get better items to take care of your pet, you can do it.

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We were not able to with the excitement to know this news, so we decided to play a little. It retains the same essence, but with new features that are more suited to the game modes that currently exist. As the game advances, you’ll be able to level up, get coins and get a gift that will be of great utility to keep happy to your pet.

If neglect by mini time your Tamagotchi, the more likely it is that when you return to play, your house is full of excrement, or that your creature is really sad. In addition, the app offers a great opening game, so you never get bored; you’ll explore various scenarios and you’ll be able to do more activities with your pet. The level of complexity will increase, so your Tamagotchi will be more demanding.

If you want to already leave you in peace, you can send him to sleep, but when you feel rested, you will send a notification for you to come back to play with him.


It has been over 20 years since the tamagotchi conquered the hearts of an entire western culture, and thus to be present at his return, is a pleasure. If you want to have your own Tamagotchi from your smartphone, you can download the app on Android and iOS.

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Perhaps when you were small, you were not as careful with your virtual pet, but now could be your time to prove that you are an adult and responsible.

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