Saves your mobile data with these 5 tips

If there is something that you truly detest the use of a smartphone, is the limiting of mobile data. We want to do everything from inform, listen to music, consume, movies, or series, to send messages, to lose time in social networks; however, we do not always find a plan that is right for our mobile data remain in place, so to finish with that problem, we want to show you some tips that perhaps you should take into account in order to save as much as possible.

Google Photos

Before anything else, you should know that Google Pictures, to store all the multimedia content in the cloud, constantly uses mobile data. The application does this all the time, but that could be counterproductive for the consumption of your megas, so it is ideal that you continue with your work, but as long as you are connected to a WiFi network.

To prevent this from happening, you must go from the application to Settings/Backup and synchronization. After that, you only have to disable the button in the Photos in the section “backup with mobile data”.

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Google Chrome

The Google browser is one of the most used, so if you are one of those users who constantly use Google Chrome to browse your favorite sites, you should follow this recommendation. First of all, go to the three dots that appear at the top. After Setting/Saving of data and in this section, you’ll have to activate the function for the browser to compress each website that you visit or each page to load only with Wifi network.

google chrome

Save data in WhatsApp

Among the many family groups, strings, images, or videos of piolín, surely your WhatsApp is in constant use. However, there is the possibility to avoid that your mobile data is consumed when your contacts will saturate your conversations.

You can choose whether your data will be used automatically each time you receive a video or not, as with images or other documents. Similarly, you can choose if all those files are only downloaded when you’re on a WiFi network. Just go to the app settings, choose the option “storage and Data” and there you’ll find the magic.



When we are in public transportation, we took the opportunity to view our favorite content via streaming. Fortunately, Netflix, one of the most popular services, allows you to see some of their titles without connection to the Internet, downloading every episode or movie. You just have to see if your series has that option; that way, you’ll be able to view an episode through the internal memory of your device without the need for the use of your data. Just checks that the content has a down arrow and, boom! the magic begins.

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General use in your device

Now, if you haven’t it reduce the consumption of data through commonly used applications, you can avoid that your data are to be spent through the general settings of your device, so apps are not spending Internet without you knowing.

Just go to the settings of your smartphone and follow these steps: Connections/data Usage/savings data. Activate the button for your device to prevent some apps from sending or receiving data in the background.

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