Alexa in Spanish is about to reach Spain, and Mexico?

If you don’t know Alexa, I will tell you that is the virtual assistant more used in the united States, which is owned by Amazon, and that it is compatible with thousands of devices such as speakers, televisions, appliances, etc

However, one of the major shortcomings of Alexa was able to talk in Spanish, which is the language spoken by over 400 million people in the world, and which is positioned as the second most spoken language on the planet after chinese and before English.

Okay, so for this reason Amazon is about to launch Alexa in Spain, and obviously they will be speaking Spanish, because according to The Verge, the company of Jeff Bezos already allows developers to get early access to test the skills of Alexa in Spanish and Italian.

Currently, Alexa is available in the united States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Japan, India, Ireland, Canada and France, and this year will reach Spain and Italy, although we do not know exactly when to make his arrival official.

So is the new Amazon Fire TV Cube, a mix between Alexa and FireOS

It is also a mystery what will be the skills that have Alexa in Spanish, that is to say, it’s probably not as advanced as it is in English, although it is also likely that is. On the other hand, Google also launched this same year Google Home Spanish in Spain and Mexico, because after Alexa, the products with Google Assistant are the most popular in the united States.

Regarding the arrival of Alexa to Mexico, there is still no information about it. It is likely that come next year, because we must not forget that Mexico is one of the markets where Amazon is betting very strong, however, Amazon may still be working on the mexican Spanish, because let us remember that there is an important difference between the Spanish of Spain and Mexico.

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