Alfonso Cuaron launches platform to help people affected by earthquakes

In recent months, Mexico has been the victim of natural phenomena that have caused terrible losses for thousands of people.

However, there are still many things to be done in the reconstruction of housing, so that the mexican filmmaker, Alfonso Cuarón, has launched a new platform called Brigade that aims to track the resources collected, since in these moments there is clarity in what they are used for.

In addition to help and provide follow-up, the web portal will display statistics and checks of the funds raised for the reconstruction of the damage caused by the earthquake of 19 September, to finally find solutions that the mexican government has not made that clear.

What is the difference between a tremor, an earthquake and an earthquake?

It was through the Festival of Architecture and City Mextrópoli where Alfonso Cuaron, winner of an Oscar for best director for “Gravity” in 2013, said the opening of the platform Brigade that defines itself as an open network and free of charge that depends on the participation of all interested users to cooperate.

“After the earthquakes of the past year, it became clear that any real possibility of change, of transformation of our country, is in the hands of civil society. Part of the idea was to create a school of donations, a synergy of organizations, but also of disciplines. In that talk, we realized that we had the willingness to help, but that there was very little information of how to do it.”

After observations and planning on the part of Cuaron, came to the conclusion that the best idea was to launch the site Brigade to promote the solidarity of the people and interested organizations after the disaster.

Taking the opportunity of the creation of the site, the filmmaker aims to clarify where to target resources for the reconstruction of affected communities. So far, there are 31 organizations registered, but the filmmaker encouraged to join more and spreading this information.

To navigate the site, we were able to observe that it is a very simple interface in which users will be able to enter without any problem.

terremoto Mexico

You can sign up in case you have an organization, but you can also be a spectator for detailed information on the damages generated after earthquakes. In turn, you’ll find a map that indicates the level of gravity that is found by living each mexican state depending on the loss, total or partial, in terms of structural damage.

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If you want to help, you can link yourself with groups focused on the same goals with whom you can share your best practices and learn from them. To enter the site, you can do so via this link.

This application mexican allows you to communicate without the Internet in times of disaster

Do you think that the platform of Alfonso Cuarón to help you clarify where you are directed to the resources for the reconstruction of damages after the earthquake of September 19? Share with us your comments.