Amazon will now deliver packages in trunks of cars

If something has distinguished to Amazon and Jeff Bezos is the concern for innovation. Sometimes their ideas seem far-fetched, but its share of success confirm that heal what they do. The last goes on the same line, it is a new way to deliver packages to users directly in the trunks of their cars so that when they return to their vehicle to find a nice “surprise”.

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We have the same questions: How does it work? How do you open the trunk? What is a danger? Where will it be available? Well, since you respond to everything.

The concept will be part of the program Amazon Key -which allows the messenger, monitored by cameras, enter the purchase in the home – and would begin in the united States via an agreement with Volvo and General Motors to open the car of the clients that authorize, and facilitate the purchase.

Interested customers will need to download an app that connects with your car (Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac and Volvo) to allow the messenger to leave it in the trunk of their vehicles. Once you have made the purchase in Amazon, the customer can choose the option of “delivery car”. On the day of delivery shall park the vehicle in the area agreed -the address of the customer or of the work, for example. Only applies to public places, not parking private – and the dealer will leave him in the trunk, this can only be accessed during a certain period of time.

The service, which will be only available to subscribers of Amazon Prime, to alert the user on his mobile phone of the manoeuvre; once located in front of the customer’s car, the employee of Amazon open the trunk with a specific application and after the deposit of the order, the customer will be informed of the success of the operation.

Each time a delivery driver requires access to the vehicle of a customer, Amazon verifies that a driver is authorized to be located in the correct location with the correct package, through a process of encryption check.

There is still no information on whether this service will be available outside the united States or when it would be, and whether they will apply to vehicles from other brands, but go that has called the attention of this new option.

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