Amazon Prime Video announces series of the novel “Diablo Guardian”

If there is something we love from the world of entertainment, is when we carry out adaptations for television or cinema of novels, literary, or films to games and vice versa.

On this occasion, Devil’s Keeper, a novel written by Xavier Velasco, who won the Alfaguara Prize in 2003, will be adapted to a series exclusive to the streaming services Amazon Prime Video. This news involves the arrival of the first original series for the platform to Mexico.

For the development of this adaptation, will be Amazon Studios and the new study of content from Televisa, TAO (Televisa Alternative Originals), whose alliance between the service and the largest television network in Mexico, was recently announced for the creation of new stories. Everything seems to indicate that the adaptation of the novel Diablo Guardian, will be one of the first experiments.

Televisa announces partnership with Amazon for the development of original content

The series is starred by Paulina Gaitan, who has also participated for Narcos and Adrian Thief. In the first installment we will see the disturbing story that lived Violetta the face of the terrible complexes that torment in adolescence.

The young man is originally from Mexico and desperate by his situation, he decides to steal their parents 100 thousand dollars to get to New York in search of new adventures and fun.

However, things start to take a completely different course, so the teen finds herself in a world full of vices, excesses and, of course, prostitution.

In the first instance, the story will unfold in 10 episodes and if you ever read the novel, you should know that in this installment we’ll see how it is that the ways of Violetta and the other characters the protagonists of Devil Guardian as Pig and Nefastófeles gather to descend into a downward spiral from which there is seemingly no escape.

Before you infartes of emotion, we show you a preview then to know the characters that will give life to the fictional characters that emerged from the imagination and talent of Xavier Velasco.

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We do not yet know the date for the premiere specific, but know that it will come at some point in may. Are you ready to accompany Violetta on their adventures full of adrenaline?

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