Amazon shipped Echo-speaker to the Netherlands

Amazon sells now an “international version” of the smart Echo speaker that is also from the Netherlands is shipped. There is only no support for the Dutch language.

The Echo-speakers have the digital assistant Alexa built-in, which listens to voice commands in English or German. You can use the speakers, among other questions, to stream music, weather information or calendar appointments to read, or other smart devices to send that support for Alexa-skills. Think of thermostats and smart light bulbs.

Spotify-streaming is not supported, but streaming with the recently in our country available in the Amazon, Music Unlimited. There are three types of Echoes to purchase. The small Echo Dot (59,99 euro), and standard Echo (99,99 euro) have the same functions, but the more expensive variant has a built-in subwoofer for a fuller sound.


And then there is still the Echo Plus (149,99). This speaker is equipped with a private ZigBee hub that allows smart devices to send. The difference is that you of those devices are no longer their own hubs connected to a wall outlet saves. So does the Plus stand with Hue light bulbs, without that you have a Hue Bridge is required.

Philips says that there is still no full support. Without the Bridge (which is sold in the starterset) is the operation of the smart lamps acquired by the Echo app, which is not yet offers all the features.

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