Andrana Project, a video game, reality real

Two teams faced and identities hidden is what has Andrana Project, all the ingredients of a game of deduction, but without shifts, nor master, nor any physical item that is required. You only need to gather a group of friends with mobile and Internet connection. This is a phygital social game, so there are things that happen in the device and other that are to be solved face-to-face.

As explained Barbara Dominguez, the co-founder of Muquo, unlike games for smartphones, conventional, users have to speak and persuade their opponents, using the imagination as a graphic engine and the reality as a stage”.

The real-time strategy, emotional intelligence and the ability to quickly deduction needed to solve the great dilemmas of our time: where leads the technological development exacerbated?, to what extent it is worth sacrificing our privacy in exchange for safety?, does it make sense to erect walls to protect our way of life?, how do I live respect for nature and human rights in 2067?

At the start of the game, the players discover their stance on these issues but they ignore who is on your side. They have little time to act, observe, play, talk, draw conclusions and map out a strategy. Before you realize it you will be already in the next round.

All is registered. It is so important to work in a team as the individual. The players have a follow-up of the matches played, their opponents, and achievements. Will be able to know his position in various rankings of the game (group of friends, location or set of the community).

But not everything is digital, lovers of the physical will be able to add to the game “Andrana Core”, a device that connects to the application making the experience even more phygital and fun. When you place your mobile on Andrana Core, you’ll be able to get a clue, gain an extra attack, regain life, or even to steal an action to an opponent. It multiplies the strategy!

It is currently available as an Alpha version closed with a community of seeking beta testers involved in its creation. The last day, November 7, we launched a campaign of crowdfunding on Kickstarter with the goal of reaching more people and making a reality Andrana Project.

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