Android 8.0 also comes to the smartwatch

Google is the roll-out started Android 8.0 to smartwatch on Android Wear run. Now it is known which models the upgrade.

Well-known models include the Huawei Watch 2, LG Watch Style, Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 and recent watches Fossil from the Q-line. Among other things, the Fossil Q Venture and LG Watch Sports have the update already received.

A full list can be found on the support page of Android Wear.

What’s new?

New in Android 8.0 smartwatch is the Touch Lock function. Once this is enabled, it responds to the touch screen no longer touches. Useful for the times when you don’t want this to accidentally happen.

Also there are adjustments to the notification system and the vibration intensity of notifications better. Also, there is an option for extending the battery life, which makes the watches consume less energy: Battery Saver.


When the watches get is not known and varies by brand. The Android 8.0 update has already been since August available for smartphones. Despite running only 0.3 percent of the phones yet, but on this Android version.

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