Android apps to be more transparent about data collection

In many apps is not exactly clear what kind of data during the use of your be collected. Google is going there soon, better to warn.

That makes the Safe Browsing team announced on the Google Security blog. Of apps is expected that they will soon be more transparent in the area of data collection. For example, when phone numbers, addresses or IMEI numbers (each unit unique) to be viewed, you will explicitly consent to give.

Privacy policy

Also need app-developers a clear privacy policy within their applications, and to make it clear that the collected data be accurately used. It now has two months to apps then to adjust. For applications that are not in the new rules, a warning is displayed in the Play Protect menu of the Play Store.

That warning is for Android users clearer which apps secretly collect more information than they think they do. Then, they may rather choose to take those apps from their device to remove. Google wants to make the message even show up on sites in which apps are offered.

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