Apple buys the app Shazam

The technology company Apple has announced on Monday the acquisition of the application for recognition of audio and video Shazam, which will link its service to Apple Music.

Since Apple understand that “Apple Music and Shazam fit in perfectly, sharing the passion for discovering new music, and to offer great musical experiences to our users”, as explained by the company in a press release.

The company of the apple has “big plans in mind” that is waiting to be able to carry out together with the team of Shazam, which will become part of Apple, according to the press release.

Shazam is a mobile application that allows you to identify songs, television programs, videos, or ads in a quick way by listening to or watching a snippet of the content viewed.

Created in 1999 as a service that operated on the basis of SMS messages, the ‘app’ managed to overcome the barrier of one billion downloads in September 2016, and, as has been pointed out Apple is one of the most popular for iOS.

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